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You know, I’ve always wondered why people like going to haunted houses intent on being scared around this time of year. I think I’ve got it figured out … PEOPLE LOVE FEAR! It’s true. There’s excitement in being afraid.READ MORE

Try to think of one of history’s greatest cowards. Did you come up with anybody? What about a hero – someone who disregarded their personal safety to take a massive action they believed in their heart to be right.READ MORE

What do JFK, cardio equipment and and breakfast cereals have in common? On the surface, you might think, nothing! But mention any of these and it’s a good way to get my immediate attention. Why? Because I love a good conspiracy theory.READ MORE

If we worked in the world’s richest bank, and I handed you a key, and this key opened up every door there was in this bank, including the vault, how valuable would that key be? Not one you’d want to lose, am I right?READ MORE

Don’t get mad at me for this truth I’m about to hit you with, but as I said last week, you either create or allow everything that happens to you in your life. That means the responsibility for your life is yours and yours alone.READ MORE

Are there any tax accountants listening to this episode? If so, do you know if I need to file a form 1099B with the government for the amount of gold I’m about to drop here?
What’s up Inner Strength listeners.READ MORE

Guess what, Inner Strength show listener? Today we’ve got some more MindMap content! We’re going to expand on the last episode’s topic because mindset is so important to achieving your best and healthiest self.READ MORE

Hello gorgeous! No, not you (though I mean no offense). I was talking to your brain. Your brain is an amazingly beautiful and brilliant thing. It’s absolutely fascinating the more you understand how it works and where in your brain certain responses, feeling and thoughts happen.READ MORE

“Tii-iii-iii-iiime is on my side. Yes it is!”
What’s up Unlocking Your Inner Strength listener? Do you ever feel like time is against you? Do you wonder where time goes even when you are trying to make the most of it to get things done?READ MORE

Gulp … gulp … gulp … ahhh! … Oh hey Inner Strength listener. What’s up? I didn’t see you there. I was just downing a tall glass of water. You should be drinking one, too. Water is extremely important and relevant to the topic we’re going to discuss today, which is how to recover your body after taxing workouts.READ MORE

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