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Don’t get mad at me for this truth I’m about to hit you with, but as I said last week, you either create or allow everything that happens to you in your life. That means the responsibility for your life is yours and yours alone.

What’s up Inner Strength listener? You know I love you, but today I’m going to hold up a mirror and reflect some things back to you that you may not want to see. The good news is, you’re not alone, and you can learn and grow by making small, consistent changes.

The 7 common struggles Show Highlights:

  • Don’t have time? Try facing your own death … (03:07)
  • How to create a good mindset and habits to exercise your discipline (04:54)
  • Motivation isn’t going to get you to your goal. This will … (06:21)
  • Sometimes you just need somebody to answer to … (08:34)
  • Create steps for yourself to prevent overwhelm and move forward (10:20)
  • How to create confidence and focus your energy toward your goals (11:58)

Why it’s important to know your struggle areas

This may seem like a boring topic but I promise you, if you learn to become more self aware with where you struggle, you’ll be better prepared for addressing those struggles to accomplish more.

Pick one …

Don’t let this full list overwhelm you. Realize you don’t have to tackle all struggles all at once. Have a plan and set yourself up for small wins that will add up to big wins. Pick your biggest struggle right now, and work on that. For example, if you feel like you lack time to work out, make your goal to carve out time in your day. Then, once that’s done, move onto another struggle.

Join the October Mastermind Challenge

This is pretty much your last chance to commit to making serious strides and accomplishing a BIG 90-day goal. If you want to get in, join my October Mastermind challenge. Go to unlockingyourinnerstrength.com/mastermind.

Thanks for tuning in. Week by week you’re getting better, and you’re stronger than you know!


  • Kyle Newell

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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