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In today’s show, the human strength expert Kyle Newell shares the three different categories that molded him into what he is today.
Here are the show highlights of Freddy Krueger, Tool Boy and Nicknames:

Three things that Kyle loves (1:20)

Kyle’s definition of success (4:40)

Getting wired into horror movies and horror characters (5:25)

The three things that Kyle hates (7:00)

The drop-in vampire (8:40)

Bureaucratic ps (10:02)

Three very interesting things about Kyle (12:15)

Keeping a bank account for fun money (14:00)

Kyle’s theory about nicknames (15:49)

Recap (18:30)

Three Things that Kyle Loves
Kyle loves a lot of things in life.READ MORE

In today’s show, the human strength expert Kyle Newell shares his two personal secrets to success in life and in the gym.
Here are the show highlights of My Number One Strength and My Number One Drug of Choice:

What are the big 2 default definitions of success?READ MORE

During today’s podcast, Kyle shares with you his two ‘go-to’ books which have been his guiding light to building his own inner strength and stepping into his greatness.
Here are the show highlights:

What happens to your brain when you read a digital book as opposed to a hardcopy book (2:00)

How to build your knowledge even if you’ve got no time to read (2:20)

Living fearlessly free: Is it even possible in a world of negativity?READ MORE

In today’s show, Kyle takes you through his rules for life. This is part one of the series and you’re going to hear Kyle’s life rules 1-5.
Show Highlights:
How Discipline will get you everything you desire in life (1:05)
Why it’s critical you take responsibility for everything in your life (2:20)
What actually happens when you take control of your time (3:20)
The reason most people blame everyone else for their own mistakes (3:50)
Where power actually comes from and it’s NOT from your success (4:50)
Why it’s vital you must have an urgent deadline on everything you do (6:30)
The TWO critical elements you need when setting goals, and without them you simply won’t achieve them – no matter the size of the goal (7:20)
Why good is good enough and how perfectionism is holding you in the chains and shackles of fear (9:00)
Kyle’s little trick for overcoming your fear of public speaking (11:35)
The two things that you must invest in that will shape who you are as a human being (12:45)
The big difference between spending and investing (14:40)
Why fighting force with force never achieves anything (15:30)
It’s important you take control of your life and have a set of rules.… READ MORE

In today’s show, Kyle shares his wisdom when it comes to time management and how you can manage your own precious time to give you massive amounts of freedom.
Here are the show highlights:

How to take full control of your time (1:20)

Why measuring progress is critical and what will happen if you just guess (2:40)

One simple technique Kyle uses to make sure everyday is super focused (3:10)

The consequence of NOT managing your time (3:45)

How to slay resistance when it shows up (5:30)

Kyle ‘Against The Grain’ strategy for creating focus (10:55)

A nifty trick used by Zen Buddhist’s to get stuff done in LESS time (12:00)

Charles Polequin’s technique to increase your focus and produce better results (12:30)

The peak productivity public enemy #1 you need to know (13:45)

Slay your time vampires, chop off their head, stuff an onion in their mouth and then bury them.(17:15)

The true meaning of leadership (and its not out working everyone else) 19:45

Managing Your Time
Time can’t be slowed down or stopped but you can choose how you invest your time.READ MORE

Jump to the highlights of this show below:

Are you plugged in? (3:30 mark)
The story of one of the worlds greatest poker players(4:20 mark)
How to live a life of admiration (7:50 mark)
Obsession is your path to TRUE greatness(8:30 mark)
‘TMS Syndrome’ (9:00 mark)
Why your omens will actually help guide you along the correct path13:00 mark)
A Bulgarian weightlifting SECRET (14:00 mark)
Connecting the dots and meeting a legendary copywriter (15:20 mark)
Everything in life happens for a reason (16:00 mark)
What Greatness is NOT(17:30 mark)

In today’s show, Kyle shares his brother’s story of how he became one of the world’s top online poker players and how it relates to following your own passion to greatness.… READ MORE

In a rush? Jump to the show highlights here:

The Buddha’s guide to finding happiness (1:20 mark)
The power of teaching (3:40 mark)
STRESS (and how you can reduce yours) (5:50 mark)
A practical exercise you can use to reduce stress right now (9:30 mark)
The three reasons that make us feel stressed (10:30 mark)
Creating long lasting transformation (14:00 mark)
A recipe for disaster that you must avoid (15:20 mark)
The TWO key factors that affect your level of perceived ‘threat’ (15:45 mark)
Why judgement is so threatening (16:30 mark)
Information is NEVER the problem.… READ MORE

In today’s episode Kyle dives deep into why most people never achieve true greatness because they’re trying to be someone they aren’t. He goes back to his bodybuilding roots and uncovers some of the common myths that hold people back.… READ MORE

If you’re in a rush, here are today’s show highlights:

Everyone’s got the same goal, you just don’t realise it… (1:00 mark)
Your own health trumps everything (1:50 mark)
Are you as unbreakable as Bruce Willis?… READ MORE

In A Rush?
Here are the highlights of today’s show:

Your journey of self acceptance (1:35 mark)
The toughest decision I’ve ever had to make (2:10 mark)
The reason you aren’t progressing forward towards your goals (2:50 mark)
Escaping the safety net of being comfortable and content (10:15 mark)
Leaving a legacy behind for your kids (11:20 mark)
Why fear is an absolute fraud (11:40 mark)
Go big or go home (13:00)

In today’s show, Kyle talks about the toughest decision he’s ever had to make.… READ MORE

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