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In today’s show, Kyle shares his wisdom when it comes to time management and how you can manage your own precious time to give you massive amounts of freedom.

Here are the show highlights:

  • How to take full control of your time (1:20)
  • Why measuring progress is critical and what will happen if you just guess (2:40)
  • One simple technique Kyle uses to make sure everyday is super focused (3:10)
  • The consequence of NOT managing your time (3:45)
  • How to slay resistance when it shows up (5:30)
  • Kyle ‘Against The Grain’ strategy for creating focus (10:55)
  • A nifty trick used by Zen Buddhist’s to get stuff done in LESS time (12:00)
  • Charles Polequin’s technique to increase your focus and produce better results (12:30)
  • The peak productivity public enemy #1 you need to know (13:45)
  • Slay your time vampires, chop off their head, stuff an onion in their mouth and then bury them.(17:15)
  • The true meaning of leadership (and its not out working everyone else) 19:45

Managing Your Time

Time can't be slowed down or stopped but you can choose how you invest your time. Kyle says “if you control your time, you can control your life”. How you speak about time says a lot about the person you are.


When you’re trying to move from a low sphere up to a higher sphere, its inevitable you’re going to face resistance which shows up in many different forms. Kyle reads an extract from the great book written by Steven Pressfield on how resistance will show up and how you can overcome it.

The Clock

Nothing forces focus like intense time pressure. Work will expand to fit the time you give it. Its critical you work in focused blocks of time and give yourself a deadline. If you plan and prepare correctly, its a great way to increase your productivity and stay focused. Kyle talks about a technique Zen Buddhist’s use in order to get stuff done.

The Time Vampires

The truth is most people don't value their time. 99% of people don't see how precious their time is, and are only waiting for the weekend to come. People aren't living a meaningful life. Time vampires are people trying to suck the life out of you. The ‘drop in’s’ and people trying to grab some of your time. Its critical you slay the time vampires and guard you time. You want to cut the head off it, stuff it with an onion and bury it. Don't let anyone invade your focused time.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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