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Knowing yourself to master life (2:40 mark)
The three words Kyle uses to ‘show up’ everyday (4:30 mark)
‘The Safe Haven Technique’ and how to use it (6:40 mark)
The importance of knowing your values and principles (11:30 mark)
The uncomfortable reason why many people never grow stronger (13:00 mark)
The truth about where  real happiness ‘actually’ comes from (14:20 mark)
Kyle’s ‘Golden Rule’ (14:50 mark)
Why Perfection is the enemy (16:15 mark)

Today’s Show
In today’s podcast, Kyle talks openly and honestly about how important it is to know your principles and what it takes to show up as your true self in the world today.… READ MORE

In today’s show, Kyle tells you about his burning desire to be the best and the importance of having a plan. The motivating story of his past, going from depression to standing on stage as one of the worlds best natural bodybuilders.… READ MORE

In today’s show, Kyle Newell stands up and gets ready for battle with a force that stands in everyone’s way to greatness. No matter who you are, you will face this at some point but its knowing what to do when it makes its appearance that is key to your success.… READ MORE

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