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Wholesalers are either sinking or swimming. Today, many wholesalers have to pass on deals they otherwise would have gotten because of stricter regulations from the banks.
But not all wholesalers are falling victim to the bank’s strict regulations.… READ MORE

We’re living through strange times. We have a record number of people on unemployment, collecting handouts from the government. But there has also never been so much talent sitting on the bench, itching to get back into the game.… READ MORE

Do you think your wholesale business would boom if you had access to other experts in the space? Where you could ask questions to other wholesalers who have already conquered the problem you’re trying to solve?… READ MORE

Every decision has a cost. You leave money on the table if you don’t leverage technologies that help you close more deals in less time.
This is especially true in real estate — where most software available is decades behind stock investment software.… READ MORE

Referrals are the single best way to create consistent and predictable revenue. The trouble is getting referrals is easier said than done.
It’s harder when you don’t know how to get referrals so you endlessly beg your former clients for them.… READ MORE

Why would a buyer pay you money to sell them a home when they could go directly to the seller and save the money they would’ve paid you?
They’re probably busy. And they also aren’t top-tier marketers — which makes finding motivated sellers much harder and time-consuming for them than it is for you.… READ MORE

Business owners have a tendency to get in their own way. This is especially true with newer business owners. Whether it’s letting your ideas run rampant, not having the proper mindset in place to grow, or siphoning time away from your team on activities that don’t generate revenue.… READ MORE

Cold calling sucks… but only if you don’t know what you’re doing.
The problem is most cold callers have no idea what they’re doing. You think your job is to sell, but that only causes people to shut down and ignore your offer (even if it’s better than they could get anywhere else).… READ MORE

Most real estate investors don’t realize that properly leveraging technology makes your life easier. Using the wrong technology takes a toll on you and your business.
Not only does it cut a big, fat hole in your pockets, but it siphons away all of your free time.… READ MORE

You only have so many hours in the day to accomplish everything you want. Most new real estate investors think they can do everything themselves and don’t realize how much it costs them.
If you’re doing everything in your business, you won’t be able to become nearly as successful as you would otherwise.… READ MORE

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