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Most businesses don’t have a great company culture.
Because it seems silly for the CEO to spend time creating a great company culture. But if you fail to do this, you’ll walk into your office one day and want to fire everybody (even if they’re great at what they do).… READ MORE

The most successful businesses adapt early to game-changing innovations in their industry. By getting into these breakthroughs before everyone else does, you can soak up a large pool of the industry. READ MORE

When we start a business, our process is simple. But as we grow and gain more experience, our once-simple process becomes more and more complex.
While complexity helps you attract better opportunities that pay you more, it also makes it harder to close deals.… READ MORE

Once you get used to something, your brain creates an endless amount of excuses for why you shouldn’t take another risk. This means your brain is actively lying to you to keep you numb and comfortable. 
Nothing will bankrupt your business faster than getting comfortable and listening to your brain’s rational lies.READ MORE

Everyone thinks content is king. But it’s not.
Only the right content is king. That means, using the right platform, sending a valuable message, and transforming cold prospects into loyal fans.… READ MORE

Sometimes we come short of our goals. And most people use this as an excuse to quit and give up.
But when we fall short of our goals we’re actually setting ourselves up to blow past our goals sooner rather than later.… READ MORE

The virtual world can be scary especially if you’re used to running your business as a brick and mortar. However, nothing is as powerful at creating wealth and freedom than taking your business virtual.… READ MORE

Finding a tribe is a shortcut to success. But most people sabotage their success by picking the wrong tribe.
Because leaving a tribe to find a new one is uncomfortable — especially if it’s a close tribe like your family.… READ MORE

A lot of people in real estate treat their business like a hobby (even successful ones).
For example, if you don’t have an LLC and a separate checking account for your business, you don’t have a business.… READ MORE

Booking appointments and closing deals isn’t nearly as hard as most investors make it. More often than not, it requires you to do a few simple things that nobody else is doing.
Not only will it make your stand head and shoulders above your competition, but it can actually help you have more fun in your daily hustle too.… READ MORE

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