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Once you get used to something, your brain creates an endless amount of excuses for why you shouldn’t take another risk. This means your brain is actively lying to you to keep you numb and comfortable. 

Nothing will bankrupt your business faster than getting comfortable and listening to your brain’s rational lies. That’s why so many entrepreneurs struggle with growing and scaling their business. 

You must learn to pivot and adapt if you want to grow your business. And the only way to do that is to shut up the little, evil voice in your head telling you to stay in your comfort zone. 

In this episode, I’m revealing my “5 To Thrive Technique” I usually only share with my private clients who pay me $30,000 a year. Following the “5 To Thrive Technique” will help you dump your head trash and create a plan that makes it impossible not to massively grow your business in 2021. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How your brain lies to you and keeps you from reaching your full potential (and the trick to stop getting duped by it) (6:03) 
  • The “Vacation Plan” approach to planning your business that eliminates your endless to-do list (without sacrificing your business’s growth) (9:33) 
  • Why meditating every morning for 10 minutes will grow your business more than anything else (even if it seems like a waste of time) (11:58) 
  • The “4 D’s Time Management System” that will offload 90% of your to-do list this week (14:39) 

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You're not a rookie real estate investor anymore. In fact, you're probably doing a small handful of deals each month, but you're killing yourself to make it happen and to top it off, if you take time off from your business, you don't make any money. That's because you don't have a real business, yet. We're about to fix all that. If you're a can do action taker, the whole scaling podcast will teach you the tips, tricks, and systems you need to generate massive revenue, build your team and give you the financial freedom you've dreamed of in any market in the US. This is WholeScaling.

(00:43): We've got a big call for you guys this morning. I got my tea ready. I got my notes. Ready. I'm going to hit you guys with a call this morning. I'm going to share with you guys the kind of thing that I only share with my $30,000 clients in my one-on-one coaching program. So this is something big. I'm excited for it. I want to give you guys some stuff that in keeping with the theme of being prepared for 2021 in launching into 2021 and getting set right as I record this thing for you guys, it's Christmas week, right? We got two weeks left in the year, right? One week left in the year, basically one and a half weeks left in the year. And I want to get you guys set. Now is the time. Now is the time to prepare for exactly what we're going to do next year.

(01:30): And I want to get you guys mentally prepared. I'm going to get you guys physically prepared, spiritually prepared. I want to get you on paper. I want to get your goals laid out. So today's going to be a big call, a big call. I'm going to try to keep it under 20 minutes, but it's going to be a big call. And I want you guys to take lots of great notes and get ready to launch. This is what I call the rocket fuel call, right? This is the rocket fuel that takes space X to Mars, right? This is the real big stuff that is really going to help you guys create opportunity for yourselves and this next, hopefully this next decade, but let's get started. So a lot of you guys know my story. A lot of you guys know my background. I'm for some of you that don't, I'm going to keep the story real brief, because I'm sure over these next couple of months, I'll have a chance to tell you my full story, but a brief background on my story.

(02:14): Back in 2012, 13, 14, I went through a big transition guys. I went through a massive, massive stress induced period of my life, where I felt like I was pushing myself in 20 different directions. I felt like I was trying to become everything to everyone. I felt like I was trying to keep the weight of the world on my shoulders. A lot of you might have felt like you were in this position before might've felt like you were here, or maybe you felt like you're here right now, where you're everything to everyone. And maybe you feel that pressure mounting, you feel like you have to perform. You feel like you're taking one for the team. You feel like, you know, you could just do it all right. Or maybe you feel confident, but you also still feel the pressure as well. Right. And okay. But during that time period, I felt that stress, I felt that stress and I was a multiple business entrepreneur back then I was rehabbing houses.

(03:07): I was a realtor. I was chasing rental properties. I was trying to be a flipper, a wholesaler or a realtor. God knows what I was a Baker. You know, who knows? Right. I try to do multiple things at once, but I felt depression. I felt complete. And at the same, I was also getting, if you guys are hopping on, please mute your phones. I was also getting a lot of, you know, constant like praise. You know, I felt like everyone was saying, man did that. And we must be great to be you, you know, you seem like you've got it all going on. You seem like someone they want to emulate. I kept thinking, man, could this be real right? I don't want to be me. Yeah. This moment, man, this is stressful. This is something something's got to give. Right guys, something's got to change.

(03:47): And so I spent a lot of that time seeking and figuring out how can I make a change? How can I make a difference? And that's when I really figured out. And I hired my first mentor, my first coach and I started making real change. I started implementing real change and real, real knowledge, real education. I really started learning and growing. And I realized that I wasn't an Island and I couldn't do it all, all my, myself and my need to seek outside guidance and outside influence in order to create opportunity. Right? And so that's when I started digging deep and now I help people navigate life and business. I help people do the same thing and get out of that grind in that a heavy load and that carrying all that weight on their shoulders and the things I want to share with you guys today are what I call the five keys.

(04:36): That'll help you back, you know, help you get picked up, pick yourself up and get you to the next level, right? These are the five keys of trends, position, the five keys of success or what I call the five to thrive. And the cool piece about these keys are these work. If you're a man or a woman, these work, if you're in Canada, the us Australia, these work, if you're straight, if you're a lesbian, if you're trisexual bisexual, these work, if you're black, white, Brown, purple, blue, right? These are human elements. These are human factors. These are things that we all deal with. We all transitioned with and these are life and business elements. These are things that affect again, all of us, right? And so I want to go through with these with you guys today. And I really, really encourage you to write these things down because they're that important, right?

(05:25): They're going to affect you. I don't care what level you're at in life, whatever the level is, the game that you're in right now, the goal here is that we're going to help you level up, right? Whether you want to become good to great, great to excellent, excellent to outstanding or outstanding, to extra ordinary, right? Whatever level it is that you're trying to get to, we want to help you increase that status. Right? And so that's why I want to run you through these today. So let's start out with number one, number one, probably the most important factor. And I got to find my notes cause I'm flipping through here. Number one is the big challenge, right? The big challenge that most of us have is that three pound mass in our brain. And that is limiting beliefs, right? Limiting beliefs. Our brain is designed to keep us safe, right?

(06:14): It's designed to limit us from taking risk. It's designed to stress out only becoming environments that are uncomfortable. It's designed to warn us, right? Hey, don't take that step forward. Hey, be careful. Hey, Hey, Hey, you know what? That might not be something you want to do. We start to tell ourselves, or we start to rationalize. When we start to get uncomfortable, we tell ourselves rational lies, right? How many times did you get yourself in that position? Where, you know, it's the right move? You know, you should take that little bit of risk. You know, it's time to take that step out. And then that weird, evil little voice in your brain starts talking to you and saying, you know what, maybe this isn't the right time. Maybe this isn't the right move. Maybe, maybe you should stay safe. You know, what's comfortable here. Maybe I can with this a little bit amount of money, maybe we should just budget better.

(07:07): Maybe we can just figure out how to stay in this safe place. Right? Those are rational. They're holding you back. They're holding you in the place that you've been for so long. And we all know that create change. We have to do things different, right? But our brain that three pound mass doesn't allow us to do, do things different. It doesn't want us to do things different. Again, we've done it all along this way. Why make change? Why shake it up? Right? I want to stay in this comfort zone. I want to stay in this place that I'm at right now. I want to tell my stuff, rational lies. I keep myself from getting uncomfortable to keep myself from breaking through the mold, to keep myself from getting through that glass. Right? I want to stay in one zone. So the limiting beliefs that we've learned from all these years are holding us back.

(07:55): Tony Robbins has a great quote, probably one of his longest quotes that he's ever had. And write this down. The strongest force in the human personality is the need to be consistent with how we define ourselves. And I'll say that again. I know it's a long one. The strongest force in the human personality is the need to be consistent with how we define ourselves. See, once we define ourselves, we want to stay that way. We've created that mold. That's how we think about ourselves. That's how we've created ourselves. Why change? Why grow? Why move? Because down inside in our soul and our being and our passion, we know we want to move. We want to change. We want to grow, right? Why not push past that? So we have to blow past limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are one of the tougher challenges that we have to push past. That's number one, number two. Number two is the lack of a strategic plan. Number two is a lack of a strategic plan, right? It's to say, but

(08:56): It's so true. Most people put more planning into their vacation to Mexico and they do into their life plan, right? We put more

(09:05): Time and effort into how we're going, where we're going on vacation.

(09:08): Maybe not this year, but most years, right? Maybe you've had that

(09:11): The vacation plan for next year or whenever COVID is over. But you have more planning

(09:15): Going into that. Then you doing into your business plan or more importantly into your life plan, where your retirement plan or your wealth building plan or your kids' investment plan, where your life insurance plan or your coaching and mentoring plan, right. Or your fitness plan. There's so many strategic plans that we're not planning, right? But we'll plan a vacation. We'll plan the hell of a vacation. One way we know how we're getting there

(09:42): Or know how we're flying. We know what hotel we're staying at. We know where we're eating, right? We're making reservations three months in advance. So if we're going to do

(09:49): You guys know, right? You're not getting on the rides unless you're planted in their heads. Right? W we know how to plan for vacation folks. We hire people to plan for vacation. We hire travel agents. We call our concierge and advanced, right? If we do it right, we plan for vacation, but we don't plan for the important things. So making sure that we have a strategic plan and more importantly, we're planning for the outcome instead of the task. So we're outcome focused and not task focused. So having a great strategic plan is nine tenths of the battle being

(10:23): Outcome focused and not task oriented.

(10:26): How many of you by show Hands are running off of a to-do

(10:30): List all day long, right?

(10:32): To do list in front of us. And we're checking, checking, checking, checking. Instead of being outcome driven. What is the outcome that we seek? What is it that we're trying to effect? What is it that we're trying to change?

(10:43): Big picture. But instead

(10:46): We come up with tasks. I say this a lot, but a lot of entrepreneurs, right? They're always putting out fires, but behind the scenes they're secret,

(10:55): Right? We're always putting out fires. We're proud of it. Yeah. Put out a lot of fires today. I feel good about myself. Put out the fires, but behind the scenes, we're lighting matches, right? We're pouring lighter, fluid all over that fire. We're hoping

(11:06): Wouldn't that fire be bigger tomorrow. So we can go in there and feel like a champ because we put that sucker out,

(11:10): Right? Why are we doing that to ourselves? Let's look at them

(11:13): The big picture. So that the big outcome, forget about the tasks.

(11:17): Number three, lack of systems for support, lack of systems for support. What are your rituals and your routines look like? What's your day-to-day look like? Does this Tuesday look like last Tuesday are you can

(11:33): Grewal with your schedule. Do you have a

(11:34): Schedule? A lot of why

(11:37): As folks have said to me in this last three or four or five years, a lot of people that I've studied under my mentors, my coaches I've heard this said time and time

(11:44): I'm again. If I could look at your calendar, I can tell you what's in your bank account. Say that one more time. I Google look at your, I can

(11:54): Kind of get a good gauge of what's there

(11:55): Your bank account. It's interesting. Right? How you spend your time is almost a direct reflection to how much income you are. Are you being productive? Do you have a rich

(12:06): Cool. Do you have a routine? Are you staying on top of it? Are you using and utilizing all of the things that you have at your fingertips? So a hundred percent of their available

(12:17): Use, right? The technology, the relationships, the people, the processes, are we utilizing at all? Or are we chasing shiny objects all the time? See a lot of us and I'm not alone here. Right? A lot of us are utilizing a lot of things at 10% of their capacity. And then we're saying to ourselves, well, this thing doesn't work. Let me go find something better. We're looking for the easy way out. Instead of just doing the work diving deep, when's the last time you spent an hour focused, 100% on an activity and completed It, right? It's one of my biggest Challenges, but I can teach you how to do It because I've done it. It's hard. It takes focus. It takes routine. It takes systems.

(12:59): [Inaudible] Right. But lack of systems and support are going to keep you from getting to where you want to get to number four, playing along with that poor time management, poor time management, right?

(13:12): How many times do you hear people say, I just don't have time for it, Or I have to make time for that, or I don't know how I'm going to do that. We call this guys the rule of one 68. The rule of 168 is very simple.

(13:27): We all have 168 hours Of the week. Elon Musk, right? Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, all of these people, they have 168 hours in the day, But yet they seem to accomplish so much more.

(13:42): This morning, I was watching a video of Ilan, young Ilan, like probably 20 years ago when he was inventing PayPal with his brother in his basement, talking about how they would stay up during the day, the website would be up and at night, the website would be down because that's when they would code. So they would code seven nights a week, 12 hours a night. And then during the day,

(14:02): The website will be up 12 hours during the day. And they said, Eli, why would you it's insane. Why would you do that? He said, that was the only time we could. So we coded every hour that we possibly can.

(14:12): Good to keep the website running. That's how we built PayPal. Right? Do you have that kind of insane work ethic? Are you utilizing every hour? You could. Right. I know the answer to that. Do you, do you know the answer to that? Are you putting in the time to get the results that you need? The question is, are you a poor time management or do you have effective time management? That's a question you have to ask yourself. It's rhetorical, obviously. Plus you guys are all on mute, but while you're utilizing

(14:41): That time management, I want you to put this down, write

(14:43): This down. We can do, we can delay. We can delegate. And yes, we dump. We can do delay delegate and we can dump right. Start thinking about things as they come to you and make a decision because so much stuff comes to us and we spend time in indecision, right? How many times do things hit your plate? Like your email? How many of you opened your email and have 5,000 unread messages? Because you're incapable of making a decision. Are you going to do something with that email? Are you going to delay it for later? Which most likely you have, are you going to dump that email off? Are you going to delegate it to someone else to do something with right? We get stuck in indecision. So many things in tasks and requests come your way during the day. And they get built up in the background because we don't take advantage of those four DS.

(15:41): So poor time management and number five last but not least. This is what we call the trifecta. The trifecta is really a three-part strategy. It's taking the top four and a lot more creating that strategic plan, putting it all together. And then the trifecta is this three parts. Write this down execution course, correction and accountability. Okay. Number one, execution. What does that look like? Lack of execution. Look, do you just cry in your soup when something goes wrong or do you pivot? Do you create a way to execute, to find a way to finish? Do you solve the problem? How do you execute? Right. Course corrections. The same thing. How do we figure out a way to pivot? How do we figure out a way to solve the issue? Get around it, right? Get to the end zone finish course. Correct. See folks, the art is in the start, right?

(16:42): The reason why we say that is because you have to create the forward motion. You have to get going. You have to get the ball down the field. You have to start driving. But what happens when you start driving? Do you run straight down the field and expect not to get hit? Hell no. Right? You gotta jive. You gotta duck. You gotta spin. You gotta jump. Right. You got to figure out a way to get the ball down the field that's course correction. Otherwise it would be easy if it was so easy, everybody would be doing it. We've got to course correct. And last but not least. And I'll leave you with this. We have to become accountable. Meaning we have to have someone accountable for us. We have to answer to someone. Someone has to be accountable for us to reach up to and say, this is what I want to do.

(17:31): And I want you to say to me and hold me accountable and put my feet to the fire and say, if I don't do this, here is the results right now is your accountability partner. And this is what you have to ask yourself. Someone who's in line with your goals. Meaning is it your gym buddy? Who, if it's cold on a Thursday morning, you text them and say, dude, it's too cold. And he's like, yeah, man, you're right. Let's sleep in, right. Is that a good accountability partner? I ask you probably not. Right. Or is your accountability gym, buddy, your trainer who gets paid to hold your feet to the fire. And when you text them and say, it's too cold, he says, suck it up, buttercup. I'm already here and I'm on my third client. Get your out of bed. Let's go. You're paying me

(18:18): To coach you. You're paying me to hold you accountable. You're paying me for that stuff.

(18:23): You're paying me to lose 20 pounds. And I don't take that lightly. Right? So the question is, how serious are you about achieving what it is you want to achieve? Get involved with a mentor or a coach or someone who's going to hold your feet to the fire. Who's going to hold you accountable for success. Who's going to make sure you do it. That person is generally not your friend or your spouse or your significant other or your gym buddy, or even your business partner. Right? We tend to let each other slip. We tend to make excuses. We tend to each other, right? Find someone who's really

(19:05): Going to keep you accountable to that goal. That's the mission. That's how you make yourself successful. That's how you push Harder because you owe them because you invested in them, right? So guys, That's the five to thrive. That's how we push Past. And I want to see you set up Matt

(19:25): Simply for success in 2021. I want to see you saw you guys grind to a new level in 2021.

(19:32): My goal and my hope is that. And I know every one of you,

(19:35): You has this ability. I know every one of you has this inside of you. I know none of this stuff went over your head. I hope I didn't scare you. When I said this was for 30 K mastermind and one-on-one coach guys, because I know for a fact that every one of you can take parts and pieces of this and alone,

(19:49): Right? But you guys know the fee. If you're in this room, it's free. All right,

(19:55): I ask is that you guys invite people into the jumpstart,

(19:58): Hang up this call, get

(20:00): On the Facebook group and invite two more people. That's the mission. We want to see this grow. We want to see this expand. I want to see the energy. I want to see you guys get a ton out of this, drop in the comments in Facebook. What was your big takeaway? Your homework for this week is to invite two people and drop in the comments. What was your big takeaway? That's what I want to see out of you guys this week. I hope you guys had an, a powerful call. I hope it was good for you guys and having a Merry Christmas, have an amazing week with your families. Go out there and Oh, by the way, one last thing engage. I wanted to say this this week to

(20:32): Engage with the people who you

(20:34): Know, are going to be alone, engage with the people who you might be apart from. Don't be afraid to pick up your phone and shoot a video just because you can't be with your friends and family. This holiday season doesn't mean can't set a video, right? Do the FaceTime thing, do the video thing. Don't be afraid to get in front of video. You guys know who you are. The ones that don't have your videos on half the time, right? Get out there and enjoy each other's company and enjoy your relationships and your friends and your family. This is the season to do it. And I know it's tough to be a part from your family. If any of you, any of you on this call, I mean, this sincerely need any help with the holidays. Need any help with your families. Need any help with anything over this next two weeks, reach out to me directly, please. I'm here to help you guys. I want to see you be successful. I don't want to see anybody having a hard time during the holidays. You guys should all be getting set up and ramped up and being super, super successful. Getting ready for this 2021. So I want your minds in the right place. Once you guys having a kick holiday season. So I appreciate the hell. Do you guys thank you for being here. Have an amazing day.

(21:38): If you are ready to put the immense power of whole scaling to work for you, then head over to Joe evangelists.com/downloads and get your free business in a box download. Or if you're a true action taker, ready to blow the lid off your results. You can apply now to work with our team, to build a business of your dreams faster than you ever thought possible. This call costs $500 to weed out the tire kickers and mental feed. The real ballers will make back many times over on the first deal. Even if you don't get selected to work with us, you'll get a full year of access to our private coaching group, a $1,200 value and a 30 minute coaching call with Joe. So you win either way, go to www dot real estate money, mindset.com to apply and change your life.

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