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Everyone thinks content is king. But it’s not.

Only the right content is king. That means, using the right platform, sending a valuable message, and transforming cold prospects into loyal fans.

One of the best (and most overlooked) ways to do this is with emails.

In this episode, I’m sharing how to level up your emails so you can build a tribe of devoted soldiers that will open their wallets and pay you on demand.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How getting more unsubscribes from your email campaigns helps you make more moolah (2:18)
  • The single deadliest mistake in your emails that’s making your list never want to buy anything from you (4:50)
  • 3 things every email needs to have to make your list fall in love with you and open their wallets this week (6:00)
  • Why sending an email once a week will erode your list and business (and the true number of emails you should send per week) (6:22)

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You're not a rookie real estate investor anymore. In fact, you're probably doing a small handful of deals each month, but you're killing yourself to make it happen and to top it off, if you take time off from your business, you don't make any money. That's because you don't have a real business, yet. We're about to fix all that. If you're a can do action taker, the whole scaling podcast will teach you the tips, tricks, and systems you need to generate massive revenue, build your team and give you the financial freedom you've dreamed of in any market in the US. This is WholeScaling.

(00:43): Quick tips for you today that I think will help vastly multiply your audience and the people that are paying attention to your message. So, number one, you know, the content is King, right? The right content, being able to do the right thing, right? Don't preach content that you don't understand, but talking about content so that you can exacerbate your message or help people engage or help people do business with you, help people learn about your industry. Whatever that thing is, right? Content is King. So putting more content out, if you're doing it the right way is going to help you convert, it's going to help you engage. It's going to help you bring more people into your sphere of influence, right? But email, it seems has been this big differentiator for people. I believe it's the future. A hundred percent. I believe email is the next big evolution it's going to come back again.

(01:33): You know, it was big 10 years ago. And then everyone started to go to social platforms. The bottom line is people are going to go back to email. People are going to be open their email. So you have to know how to send email, engage with people and create customers, right? So here's a couple of quick tips that can help you convert your email. Right? A lot of people are sending email. First of all, awesome. If you're sending content, second of all, if you don't know, you have to be consistently building your list in order to engage with people, you're going to end up engaging with 15 or 20% of your contacts are going to become part of your tribe. They're going to be highly engaged users. They're going to come back for your message. They're going to pay attention to what you have to offer and they're going to engage.

(02:15): So you want to make sure you're paying attention to those 15 to 20%. You're also going to have 15 to 20, maybe a little more percent that are going to unsubscribe. They're going to cancel. They're going to send you dumb responses, right? Those are the ones you want off your list. You want to unsubscribe them by the way, unsubscribing is healthy as far as what the emails services are looking for, right? So if you get unsubscribes to Gmail or Yahoo, or that's fine, those people are clicking. They're engaging. And they're saying, I'm not interested in your message. That's totally fine. So don't get upset when people unsubscribed from your messages, what you want to do is you want to continue to engage new users, to subscribe to your stuff over the course of time, to weigh out the people that are unsubscribing. Right? But what about the people that want to see your message and your ended up in the promotion box, or you ended up in the spam box.

(03:01): So there's a couple of quick tools out there. All you guys got to do is Google domain reputation, or, you know, avoiding spam, all these things, right? There's so many free services out there that will check your mail for you. Check your deliverability, check your reputation on your domain. If you're sending from, you know, your own unique domain, you have to make sure those things are set up properly in order to engage the inbox for any of the email service guys. Right? So making sure that you're clean, you're set up properly. You have the secure links in there. DK. I am. There's all these things that go on in the back office that a lot of people don't even pay attention to. Now, if you're using like a get response or a MailChimp or any of these auto responders, the send email from number one, that's great.

(03:44): Number two, they will actually send you a test or show you a test delivery across multiple platforms before you even have to send the email, right? They'll show you what it looks like on desktop and mobile. Here's the most important thing you want to check to see what you look like physically and your delivery, right? Most people today are checking email on mobile. So if you're sending them a mobile email, you want to make sure it's formatted properly. We'll make sure the links show up properly. We make sure you can see it. When you scroll down, you might have to modify the way your email looks in order to be open and read. Right? Number two, subject lines are absolutely probably the most important thing that happens besides getting the inbox. Now you want to have a sexy subject line or something that gets people's attention.

(04:28): That gets them to open, right? Because sending the email is only maybe 5% of the battle, right? But getting them to open the email is number two. That's probably one of the biggest things. Now they're in your email. Is it formatted properly? Is it interesting? Does it have engagement, right? Are there things that people want to interact with to pay attention, to your message? Those things are highly important to your email as well. Now, the next thing you want them to click somewhere, you want to take them somewhere, right? Don't just send them an email for emails sake. You want to have a call to action, a CTA. So you either want to send them to a product. You want to send them to a service. You want to send them to a place to engage with you in another format, maybe social, maybe message me, you know, maybe set up a phone call, whatever the call to action is.

(05:11): You got to have something in that email that people want to engage in. People want to engage, especially the people that are in your tribe, the people that are paying attention to your message, they want to engage. So think about it for those of you, maybe you love buying shoes, right? And you're on a bunch of different sneaker newsletters, right? You're generally clicking on there to engage in whatever they're sending you. Maybe it's a sale. Maybe it's a limited product. Maybe it's something right, but they're sending you something so that you engage back to their site or back to their sales page or back to their cart, right? Maybe you left a cart by the way. And they're saying, Hey, 15% off. If you come back. Now, these things are all calls to action. Or they're engaging with the email in order to get better deliverability through some of the bigger email platforms like Gmail and Yahoo.

(05:54): They want to see that your subscribers are actually clicking and somewhere and engaging in email content that you're sending them. So you gotta use a great subject line to get it opened. You have to have great content. That's formatted properly for people to want to click. And then you want to give them something to click, right? These are the three top things that you want to do when you're delivering email that content in order for it to be engaging in order for people to love you, they want to engage. They want to click buttons. They want to move forward, right? So give them something. Last thing. I'll leave you with email more than you think you should write. Some of you are sending emails once a week, once every two weeks, it's not enough. Your real tribe members. They want to hear from you every day.

(06:32): They want to hear from you at least three or four times a week. So you have to continue to send message, send content again, good content, not , not stuff that they're not going to engage with. Stuff that they enjoy have. You're teaching them about the industry. Maybe you're giving them free tips on how to get better. Maybe you're giving them case studies of things that have worked for you, but you got to engage with some content. That's actually going to get them to want to engage back with you and reply back to you. So I hope you guys find this message helpful. Go and take action, go and create some email, create some content, create some words that are going to inspire or get people to shop with you or to use you for your product or service. Remember jab, jab, right hook. Give them good quality content twice, and then hit them with a sale on the third time. Right? Make sure you're constantly engaging and helping them get better at engaging with you.

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