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Booking appointments and closing deals isn’t nearly as hard as most investors make it. More often than not, it requires you to do a few simple things that nobody else is doing.

Not only will it make your stand head and shoulders above your competition, but it can actually help you have more fun in your daily hustle too.

In fact, there are 7 easy ways to flood your calendar with an endless stream of appointments and deals. In this episode, I’m revealing all 7 of these simple things to do so you can implement them today.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The “crazy and deranged stalker’s secret” that will finally stop you from being ghosted by your prospects (0:48)
  • The dead simple way to seep into your prospect’s psyche and discover their deepest, darkest secrets that makes closing them 100x easier (1:44)
  • The redundant and borderline obnoxious text and email follow up strategy that works like gangbusters for closing deals (2:33)
  • How to easily blow your competition out of the water using nothing more than a pen and paper and 10 seconds of your time (3:49)
  • The “Coffee Trick” that makes your prospects trust you (without uttering a single word to them) (6:43)
  • The powerful and underused “thinking of you” text that instantly builds a special rapport that almost forces your prospects to do business with you (7:20)
  • Why making a fool out of yourself can generate 15+ appointments and over $100k in revenue in 3 hours or less (8:46)

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You're not a rookie real estate investor anymore. In fact, you're probably doing a small handful of deals each month, but you're killing yourself to make it happen and to top it off, if you take time off from your business, you don't make any money. That's because you don't have a real business, yet. We're about to fix all that. If you're a can do action taker, the whole scaling podcast will teach you the tips, tricks, and systems you need to generate massive revenue, build your team and give you the financial freedom you've dreamed of in any market in the US. This is WholeScaling.

(00:43): So here's the key, right? Seven steps. Number one, follow up is everything. Remember this? When you're dealing with any type of prospect, I don't care what it is. We all psych ourselves out to think that we're not following up enough, right? You cannot stalk a prospect enough anywhere else, CSE. Hello. So I know where we're working here. Right? You cannot follow up enough, right? So the fact is sometimes we do a followup and then we get some good feedback. And then we think to ourselves, I don't need to follow up anymore. I don't need to reach out to many more. They must know. They must know that I do what I do. So there's no reason to follow up anymore. So, number one, you got to get that out of your mind. You got to psych yourself out to real, to realize and follow up is key.

(01:17): In sales, eight to 12 times is what it takes for you to follow up with somebody before they're going to do business with you before they know you. Like you trust you have rapport and we'll do business with you. So that is the number one key. That's how one of the steps, the number one is follow up, follow up, follow up. So you're going to see recurring theme through here. Number one, right? All right. So here we go. Number one. As you're building rapport with these people, what you want to do is you want to actively listen. I did a video on this last week. So you go back and listen to the actively listening. But the concept behind actively listening is paying attention. Guys. When people were talking to you, pay attention, pay attention to where their kids go to school, pay attention to what their kids do, pay attention to what they do for a living, ask them what they do for a living.

(01:55): Ask them what their hobbies and interests are. Pay attention. If they're going to a baseball game or a football game, pay attention to what they like, right? Because you're going to need those little nuggets, plug them into your CRM, learn what they're all about, right? Learning what they like and what their interests are. Learn where they like to go to dinner, learn what their wife is into. Learn what their likes and things that they're into are because you're going to need those little nuances to develop the rapport, develop the relationship. If you want to be good at any type of selling, you have to learn about people, right? This is a people business. So we make that first connection. Right? I don't care what it is. So the phone is in-person you're on sales call. It's a one-on-one appointment. Number one, whether you meet someone in person or whether you have a phone call with them or where they come into an open house, whatever it might be, the second the phone hangs up, or they walk out the door or you leave the appointment, you send them a text.

(02:44): Thank you. Right? Okay. What did I know? It might sound weird if you hang up the phone with somebody for the first time, send them a text. Hey, thanks for the phone call. Great call. Thanks Bo. Okay. Immediately after that, another email goes out, Hey, thanks for the phone call. I appreciate me reaching. I appreciate meeting you. It was nice meeting you, blah, blah, blah. Right? It might sound redundant, sending them a text and an email, but here's the thing. Guys. People respond differently to different formats of communication and they don't check the stuff at the same time. So they're not going to feel like you're some kind of stalker because you sent them a text and an email. Okay, they're going to see a text. They're going to say, Hey cool, Joe, thank you. Then an hour or two hours later, they're gonna see an email and they're going to brush it aside.

(03:21): But what's going to happen is that the email might sit in their inbox for three weeks and the text it gets lost. Right? We're vice versa. So you want two forms of communication right off the bat. Thank you. Follow up. It gets stuck somewhere. It's going to live somewhere for a while. Right? So follow up twice immediately. They're not going to check both. Okay. And even if they do check both, what are they going to think? They're going to think, damn that person's great at follow-up. I like them. They're on top of their shit for professional. Right? So make sure we follow up immediately texts and email number two, number three, send a handwritten note. This gets lost everywhere. Nobody does this anymore. And it is so imperative. And you know why nobody does it because everyone has the attention span of a gnat. Nowadays, nobody spends five seconds paying attention to what other people are we're actually interested in or think about or do anything with it.

(04:06): But take 10 seconds. Write on a piece of paper. Hey, thanks for meeting me. You know what? It was great meeting you. I look forward to doing business with you, whatever it is, boom, handwritten signed, Joe, little smiley face, whatever your thing is, your niche, you know, send it out. Right? And that requires you getting their address. That requires you finding out some information about them, right? These are important things. Because now that goes in your CRM, you have information about them, right? So, Hey, you know, all this, did you do me a favor? Shoot me your address. I want to send something out to you right now. All of a sudden they feel like, wow, this person cares about to send me something. Wow, this is cool. Right? They get a little, thank you letter in the mail that happens. It's also spacing your time and your touches because now they've met you on a Sunday.

(04:46): The piece of mail shows up on a Thursday or Friday. So now they have a text, an email and a piece of hard mail. The other interesting thing about thank you, letters is people don't throw them away right away. It might sit on their desk for a few weeks before it gets tossed, depending on how nice the thing is that you send to them. It might sit on their desk for weeks. Right? So now for thing, two weeks later, we send them a small gift. This doesn't have to be expensive. It does not have to be crazy. It could be something super small. I like to send books, right? If I have a meeting with somebody it's important, I listened to about what they like to do. Especially they like to read, I'll send them a book. I signed the book on the front. This thing was gifted to you by Joe evangelists, listy, blah, blah, blah.

(05:23): Hopefully this thing helps you do whatever it is you're looking to do. Right? Boom. Sending the mail cost you 10 bucks. You send them a book. Now they have a thing, right? Hopefully if personalized again, the active listening, because we're paying attention to what they like to do. Maybe they love to cook. So you send them a cookbook. Maybe they love business. So you settled your favorite business book. Maybe they'd love to develop the teams. So you sent them traction. Maybe they love, you know, I have a thousand books on my show. Maybe I love flipping houses. So you sent them the number one book on flipping houses by Joe evangelists. Right? But fact is guys, you sent them something small. Maybe it's a potted plant. I don't know. But you sent them something, right? So you sent them something number. So number five, make a meeting, right?

(06:04): You might've already had a meeting. Now we want to have a meeting about them. Right? So I always try to set a meeting to find out about what they do. This meeting is basically, Hey, I'd love to grab a coffee. I'd love to grab lunch with you. I'd love to learn about what it is you do right now. This is a prospect and you're a realtor. And you're thinking to yourself, why don't you go? What? I want to meet one of my clients and learn what they do. Oh, God forbid you learn what one of your clients actually does. Right? Imagine if you met your client and they sell insurance and you actually help them do business, what kind of client they might be. Right? Guys, learning about what your people do is what develops rapport. When you learn what people do, you develop rapport.

(06:43): People don't want to meet, to learn about what you do. They want to meet so they can talk about themselves. The more people talk about themselves and the more you listen, the more they trust you and know you and like you. So when you meet with them, you don't want to talk about yourself. You want to meet with them, to listen about what they do. And guess what? Sometimes it's painful. It doesn't always feel great to sit there and listen about what someone else does for a half an hour. That was the that's. Why sometimes maybe you want to limit it to coffee. But the fact that you want to do, you want to set a meeting and learn what they do and get to learn them as a prospect. So maybe you can help them do business. And the fact is that will come around three 60, right?

(07:15): Number six, by the way, number seven is the best piece of this. And that's what I'm getting to. So hang tight. Number six, thinking of you, call or texts. What that means is after the meeting, follow up three weeks down the road, sometime during this relationship, you're going to think of them, right? Think of some way to get, you know, Don's on the call. Here's a great example, right? I come across an old Ford truck or an old, sometimes a classic car, right. I might send Don a text and be like, Hey man, I just saw this bad-ass truck. I was thinking of you send him a picture of it. Right. That's building rapport guys, because it's something that relates to that person. And it's interesting to that person. And it got you thinking about that person. What that requires is you actually giving a shit about the person, right?

(07:58): So you have to care about the people you want to do business with, but I'm sure a lot of you are watching this call do so I'm not saying you're not, but you have to pay attention. What people were thinking about. You have to know them. You have to understand them. You have to want to do business with them in order to do business with them. You have to think about what it is that they like. And you have to try to relate to them. So the thinking of you call or they're thinking of you text, Hey, I was just driving by and I was thinking about you. I said, I was at this open house. I was thinking about you. I, you know, something related again to that thing that might be unrelated to the business that you do. And last but not least.

(08:27): And the thing that drove all the traffic for today, and this is the piece de resistance guys. So make sure you have a pen and a notepad and you're paying attention to this. And if this adds great value to you, mash that light button, mash the heart button and share this with your friends right away. This is the thing that's going to make you uncomfortable. And the thing that's gonna make you the most amount of money. I spent two hours doing this today and I generated well over 15 appointments for my guys to go out and look at houses and probably over a hundred thousand dollars in revenue this afternoon wearing a t-shirt and a hat and a pair of shorts, flip floss, guys. This is the piece that is so simple to do so easy to do. And yet most of you watching, won't do this guys sending quick video tests, quick video texts.

(09:15): Here's the thing guys in today's day and age, nobody wants to talk to you, right? Nobody wants to be personable. Nobody wants to be one-on-one. Nobody wants to do Dropbox of Dropbox in the office and they stop in and check on people, right? Nobody wants to get to answer the phone when they call. Right? So hang with me for a second. Shoot, a quick video text and send us your prospects. So what I did today to generate some buzz around the business was literally quick video text to wholesalers investors, realtors that we're friends with and say, Hey, what's cracking. I know it's hot. I want to keep you guys busy. I want to keep you from going out there on the road and showing houses. So let me make my fees on you. Send me your deals and they'll make you offers, send me your deals.

(10:00): And my guys will get out on the road and we'll do the heavy lifting for you. Send me your deals and we'll go out there and we'll figure out what the deal's worth. And we'll send you an offer. You won't have to leave the couch. You won't have to leave your office. You won't have to leave in the privacy of your comfortable air conditioned house, right? Just send me your deals and we'll put them together right now. I'm making them personalized. I'm not mass texting this to a million people. In fact, some of you guys watching this video got these videos from me. So you know that I'm not full of shit. You know that I put these videos together, you know that I sent these deals. And the fact is you make a clown out of yourself, guys. Some of these videos I'm sending, I'm joking.

(10:34): Some of these videos I'm sending, I'm making a fool out of myself. Some of the responses I'm getting back is man. That's the funniest thing I saw all day. You made me laugh. Thanks for sending that. Ha ha ha. But what you're getting people thinking, you're getting people saying, man, that's your evangelists, man. Those guys are hustling, man. Those guys are doing deals, man. Well, we'll half for those guys. Let me send them that one, two, three main street. Let me send them that other thing that I couldn't move. Hey, I do have that thing that I'm going to list tomorrow. You know, let me get them through there. This market, right? I shit. You not guys. My acquisitions guys started out this morning with nowhere to go and nothing to do the first time, by the way. And not two months that he's had nothing to do.

(11:12): He was a little dry this morning and he will not stop driving his car from this afternoon until Monday after the noon, based on the appointments that we rocked for him to say from noon, right? Just with video texts. So number seven, most powerful piece. Send your prospects. Video tests, 32nd video texts. Hey, what's cracking. What's going on? What are you doing? Love to reach out to you love to do some more business. Why don't you send me what you got or Hey, when can we connect so I can help you. You do some more business, right? It's just as simple as that. I'd love to get in front of you. I'd love to figure out what's going on. Yeah. I love to help you out. Right? It's so simple guys. It's so easy. And it's so challenging for so many people guys, the more you, it, the easier it gets, the first video is difficult. You know what you don't have always used to do. When I used to prospect, start out by calling your mom, start out by calling your dad started out by calling your brother. Same thing with the video text, send the first video to your mom. Send the second video to your husband, send the third video to your uncle, right? By the time you get to the fifth six, seven video, they get super easy. Then you can send them to your prospect.

(12:14): If you are ready to put the immense power of wholesaling to work for you, then head over to Joe evangelists.com/downloads and get your free business in a box download. Or if you're a true action taker, ready to blow the lid off your results. You can apply now to work with our team, to build a business of your dreams faster than you ever thought possible. This call costs $500 to weed out the tire kickers and mental masturbate feed. The real ballers will make back many times over on the first deal. Even if you don't get selected to work with us, you'll get a full year of access to our private coaching group, a $1,200 value and a 30 minute coaching call with Joe. So you win either way, go to www dot real estate money, mindset.com to apply Change your life.

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