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Erika Mosse is a mother, a journalist, a speaker, and a facilitator who works diligently to champion small businesses and women in the trades.
Show highlights include:

Why a slow down in the marketplace can position you for better growth (5:45)
The threat of private equities buying up smaller companies (and what this means for the future of construction) (15:55)
The two things that every construction company should focus on for exponential growth (21:00)
This “Mindset” shift will build a company that thrives (without you being there) (20:00)
How to avoid “The great resignation” from happening within your company (33:30)
The “burnout prevention” technique to do with your team (and to have fun in the process) (35:20)
2X your response rates for maximum profit with this one trick (24:15)

To connect with our guest please visit our Contact Page at https://buildernuggets.com and we’ll make a personal introduction.… READ MORE

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This fourth generation builder has done things the right way for a long time. That’s not to say they haven’t made mistakes. Through trial and error and by building and nurturing lifelong relationships they have become one of the most sought after and respected builders in their market
 Show Highlights:

How being on-the-job earns the respect and admiration of your co-workers (14:00)
Why building relationships helps aspiring builders jump right in and lead a thriving business (even if you don’t have an in) (19:50)
The single most important thing a legacy builder hesitates to give up as they contemplate passing the torch (24:20)
How to avoid sacrificing quality when you move from a hands-on, craftsman approach to a long-term management operation.… READ MORE

Brad Leavitt is our guest on this episode. He is President and Founder of “A Finer Touch Construction” – a Scottsdale based luxury residential and commercial builder. AFT Construction, is known throughout the industry, as an award-winning construction firm and has been nationally published in magazines such as: Fine HomeBuilding, Luxe Interiors and Design, and Professional Builder.… READ MORE

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