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Our guest Jenny Hoffman has a background in both architecture and construction, she founded her company, J. Hoffman Studio, in 2015 with a focus on designing and building custom modern dream homes.READ MORE

In this episode we interview a builder who recently returned from a 3 week hunting expedition. He spent countless hours training to be able to hit one of his big bucket list items. He had no cell phone or internet access, yet, after being gone for 23 days his business was running better than when he left it.READ MORE

You have systems and processes in how you build your houses but do you have a great map for how to run your business? Learn the simple, proven format to get everyone behind your mission.
EOS & Traction can be the language of your business.READ MORE

Most construction businesses never expand outside of their own market and community. While this strategy may provide you a decent living it limits your ability to scale dramatically.
In this episode, Blair McDaniel, owner of Alair Homes, joins us to reveal how you can scale your business so it makes money without you being the one wearing all of the hats.READ MORE

Building a business is no easy task. However, many builders never think about selling their business after they’ve built it. 
Which means they have two options: 
Scale it down or close it completely. READ MORE

Many people in the construction industry try toand compete on price. Not only does this cause stress and headaches, but it causes you to become nothing more than a commodity.
By leveraging social media to createting awareness, and leveraging social media, you can set proper expectations with your clients before you even talk to them on the phonehave the first phone call.READ MORE

Here’s an unfortunate truth about the construction industry: Building a workforce of highly qualified workers is a very difficult task. 
It’s even harder finding young kids who decide construction is a better route for them than college — our culture and school systems have brainwashed kids from a young age that college is the only way to succeed.READ MORE

Building high end custom homes is a tough business. You could try to do it all yourself, but that won’t scale. 
So how do you expand your business without sacrificing the quality you’re known for?READ MORE

If you’ve been in the building business for any length of time, you’ve experienced the hamster wheel of free estimating. It’s become standard practice because clients have become conditioned to expect it.READ MORE

There are always excuses for not getting involved in your community. Time, money, effort. Builders also don’t want to be seen as greedy, just in it to make a buck.
But your community needs you. You can share your skills and talents in a way that benefits everyone.READ MORE

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