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Many people sabotage their relationships because they’re so nervous about getting it right, or saying the “wrong” thing.
And the reason for this?
Their parents subconsciously taught them the harmful concept of “Frustration Intolerance.”
And if you have it, you’re more likely to have fights with your spouse, be triggered by small indiscretions your wife makes, or noisy kids in the car.… READ MORE

Immediately after my wife left me, she cleaned out the bank account (almost $40,000.) She used the cash to buy jewelry, and also got a lawyer (who sued me.)
Unfortunately I lost the case, and The County of Santa Clara forced me to pay $3,500 a month to my wife in alimony and child support.… READ MORE

“The Dual Dynamic” makes or breaks your relationship.
And if you don’t understand it, your relationship is doomed (even if you don’t break up, and stay together in the long run.)
Because even if you stay together, there’s no chemistry, connection, or passion, leading to…
Less sex, less intimacy, more fights, and ultimately divorce.… READ MORE

Most guys mistakenly think falling in love equals a thriving sex life.
Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. They’re two separate concepts. And if you don’t understand the difference, there’s a good chance that…
You’ll end up in a sexless relationship.… READ MORE

Smart men repulse attractive women.
And it’s not because of their looks, status, or sex appeal either. But it’s all got to do with failing to understand “EI.”
Once you naturally tap into “EI”, flirting, dating, and relationships become a breeze — It’s near effortless.… READ MORE

Women HATE men who need to be right all the time.
The most anti-seductive and relationship-destroying action a man can do is intellectually argue with his wife or girlfriend. When men “correct” or debate their partner while ignoring her emotions, she feels:
And she will pull away unconsciously because of the lack of emotional connection
So, if men want to enjoy successful relationships or even successfully date women, they need to get rid of the, “Either I’m right or you are” mentality.… READ MORE

Women are turned on by emotionally strong men — they crave rugged masculinity.
But if you’re going through the therapeutic process, you have to lower the gates to the castle. In short, you need to be vulnerable.… READ MORE

“Hi David,
Why do we crave women we’ve only just met? And why are we depressed when we get rejected when asking for a longer relationship? What’s behind it, and how do I tackle this situation?
When I meet a new girl, I’m happy and I jump around — my life is full of joy.… READ MORE

Few people know their true purpose in life and even fewer follow their purpose on a regular basis.
Most people lack hope, joy, and meaning. It robs them of any happiness they used to have in life.

They don’t feel motivated to do anything
Struggle to roll out of bed at 10am
Procrastinate for hours about brushing their teeth
And it looks like the Tsar Bomba exploded in their room

They’re chained to their desks.… READ MORE

Do you want a long-term relationship, or do you want lots of casual, hot sex?
Reason I ask: a “one-size-fits-all” approach when dating women doesn’t work. What’s worse, is mixing up the approaches, and applying the wrong approach.… READ MORE

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