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Pain is not an emotion.
Bold statement, I know, but emotional pain actually comes from resisting the emotion that you consider to be painful.
In other words, it’s not the pain that’s hurting you, it’s the emotion you find painful.… READ MORE

Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy. Without a doubt, some of the sickest individuals to roam America in the 20th century. But according to IFS Therapy & Richard Schwartz’s book, “No Bad Parts”, they aren’t pure evil.… READ MORE

Shadows are repressed parts of you that have been exiled, disowned, and thrust into your unconscious. In other words, they’re still there — and causing you untold amounts of pain and suffering. The worst part?… READ MORE

Socially awkward guys don’t get girls, that’s the cold, hard truth. But hiding your social awkwardness and anxiety isn’t the answer either. When you repress, exile, and cut out your social anxiety in order to feel good about yourself, you force it further into your subconscious.… READ MORE

Immature boys subscribe to the belief of “pure evil.” These boys need to seek out the hero’s journey. They need to seek out “good” vs. “evil.” So they can categorically define somebody as a hero or a villain.… READ MORE

Here’s a true story: James was at a party with his girlfriend. There was a hilarious, tall, and handsome dude who kept making her laugh — obnoxiously loud.
She was giving him attention and practically ignoring James.… READ MORE

Do you struggle to understand modern women? Sometimes, they’re downright confusing. They cry when they read a book. They give hints instead of telling you what’s wrong. And they base their decisions entirely on emotion.… READ MORE

Have you ever heard “nice guys finish last?” Imagine this: you’re super nice, know how to flirt with women, but after months of talking to an attractive woman, you get rejected. It always seems to go well until you fall in love with her, only to have it spat back in your face.… READ MORE

Same age, same high school, same upbringing.
Man 1.0: He’s working overtime, he’s pulling all-nighters, he never sees his kids, and he’s sacrificed his personal life for his professional life.… READ MORE

Do you buy into the myth that success alone brings happiness and fulfillment? The techniques 95% of Americans use to strive for success, growth, and personal development guarantees they won’t be fulfilled in the long run.… READ MORE

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