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“She stares deeply into your eyes, with a playful smile across her face. She races across to the far right corner of the room, and flicks off the switch with her left hand. Your eyes haven’t adjusted to the new lighting, it’s now pitch black, and you can hear her shifting around near the bed…
She’s getting undressed.… READ MORE

For men struggling to get a date, dating techniques do nothing but:

Batter their self-worth
Make them feel ashamed for not living up to “expectations” of what a man should be
Ruin their self-confidence
And sabotage their chances of finding true love

As these men apply dating techniques in the real world…
Their hands tremble, their knees quake, their lips shake, they choke up, and they sweat bullets when talking to a girl.… READ MORE

In order to find a loving relationship, you need to become somebody you’re not.
You need to rock a new haircut, fill your wardrobe with designer clothes, and hit the gym 24/7. You need to morph into Sean Connery’s James Bond.… READ MORE

There are 3.9 billion women in the world.
And trying to attract every single one of them is damn near impossible. But when men optimize their Tinder profile for short-term hookups, that’s what happens — they’re making themselves “mass-market” to attract women.… READ MORE

Do you want to be ‘the man’, a ‘player’, or a so-called ‘bad boy’?
I’m going to assume a big, fat no. Most guys aren’t looking to bed 50 women every week. They’re looking to settle down with a beautiful, attractive, and mature wife — not endless one-night-stands with club bimbos.… READ MORE

Men feel like they lack true purpose and meaning in their relationships.
Dating apps and most dating advice promote short-term dating strategies that only work on immature women. These strategies leave men without meaning, purpose, and true connection when they try to settle down.… READ MORE

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.
This is definitely true, and there are certain types of women you must avoid like the plague (unless you like dealing with suffering, feeling helpless, and an empty bank account.)
Before you think, “Oh yeah, I’ll just avoid the clubs and meet someone with morals,” I have to stop you right there.… READ MORE

There are two big myths most people believe—my former self included—about therapy which sabotage their results. Especially over the long-term.
Even if you have initial success on your therapeutic journey, believing in one of these myths can undermine your progress.… READ MORE

Sadness is something most guys struggle with. But it’s the one emotion they repress the most. And this repression leads to increased stress, anxiety, and depression. Not only that, the increase in cortisol associated with stress can lead to changes in heart rate, motivation and sleep.… READ MORE

Last week we covered how “pain is not an emotion.”
Ok, great. But what do you do about an emotion that feels painful?
In today’s episode, you’ll discover exactly how to deal with painful emotions (even if you’ve been to an IFS therapist before and it didn’t work.) You’ll also discover three emotions that immature people consider to be painful.… READ MORE

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