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In childhood, many of us were forced to repress our energies because someone shamed us for it. 
The two most common examples include shame over sexual desires and anger. But these are two important energies that unlock creativity, vulnerability, passion, and love. READ MORE

Everyone has a shadow side. These are emotions and personality traits buried deep in your subconscious as a coping mechanism for your pain. 
While these “shadow parts” help you avoid traumatic experiences and memories, they also make you self-sabotage your relationships, happiness, and general sense of fulfilment. READ MORE

Many people hate the idea of therapy. They think it’s a way to rattle off about your day without healing your traumas. Or worse yet, they think therapists will heighten their mental anguish. 
Most therapists are honest, helpful people.READ MORE

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might feel like it’s impossible to find love. 
Why does it feel like this? 
Because there’s a grain of truth in it. Entrepreneurs care about the value they bring to the world and the legacy they leave behind. READ MORE

I’ve worked with many high-level entrepreneurial clients and they all have one thing in common:
Love eludes them.
Deep down, these entrepreneurs create a wildly successful business because they think that’s their ticket to unconditional love.… READ MORE

Most guys overcomplicate texting. They devour YouTube videos, buy texting scripts they can copy and paste to women, and even hire an agency to run their Tinder profile.
But this backfires every single time and causes you to miss out on a long-term relationship.… READ MORE

Following dating app advice from online dating gurus only works if you want to attract superficial hookups. And if you’re even semi-successful in your career, you’ll drown in gold diggers looking for a free meal. READ MORE

Insecure guys look for texting and dating app tricks to help them get more dates. But these gimmicks only do two dangerous things:

They repel loving women that also want a long-term relationship
They attract emotional vampires who will cheat and lie

Worse yet?… READ MORE

Nice guys who try bending over backwards to attract a partner always get hurt the most.
Because having a victim mindset attracts narcissistic emotional vampires who prey on your weakness. They’re not attracted to you.… READ MORE

Many men think it’s impossible to be morally good and sexually attractive to women at the same time. They think they have to sacrifice one or the other. 
Why does this happen? 
It’s rooted in the myth of “Nice Guy Syndrome.” But being a “nice guy” and a “good man” are polar opposites. READ MORE

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