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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

Why humility is the single most important trait for leaders today — both at work and at home (2:39) 
The one question to ask yourself before walking to your home after work that neutralizes petty arguments before they happen (5:45) 
The “Simmer Down” secret for humanizing your business and attracting new customers and team members in droves (6:29) 
How developing your values and character can ease your anxiety and depression (11:55) 
Why trusting your feelings fills you with misery (and how to learn from your feelings without self-sabotaging) (14:14) 
The “Precious, Not Perfect” mindset tweak that helps you forgive yourself after making a boneheaded mistake (20:41) 
Why helping your kids avoid pain results in them developing a victim mindset and ungrateful attitude (even if it feels like the right thing to do) (26:18)

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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

Why asking more questions makes you a better leader at work and at home (1:35) 
The weird “side-by-side” communication secret that brings you closer to your spouse and children (4:12) 
How mowing your lawn without earbuds rejuvenates your spirit after a long, stress-filled week (8:18)
Why God wants you to have abundance with your health, finances, and family (even if it seems like He doesn’t) (13:01) 
The wicked way your desire for control keeps you trapped in a scarcity mindset (14:54) 
How your brain works in 3 simple steps — and how to “hack” this to create abundance in your life and business (16:45) 
The 2 words you must utter to erase 6 years of a divorce-induced depression (23:29) 
How exercising your mindset like your biceps helps joy radiate through every bone in your body (26:08) 
The “Look For The Wobble” secret that helps you get out of an emotional funk with ease (and without exploding on your spouse, kids, or pets) (26:32) 
How to transform your depression into serenity and your anxiety into hope (30:18) 

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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

The “Spiritual Balance” secret to winning at work and at home (1:51) 
How spiritual warfare beefs up its attacks on you when you’re trying to do good (and how to prevent it from sabotaging your life and marriage) (6:12) 
Why spending time in scripture before doing anything else “primes” your brain to reach its full potential (15:15) 
The simple “One Verse” exercise that makes diving into scripture less overwhelming (15:55) 
How to keep your teenagers engaged spiritually instead of rolling their eyes whenever you bring up God (17:59) 
The “date-at-home” approach for connecting with your wife without going to fancy restaurants every week (23:17) 
How God transforms your most humiliating failures into your most epic successes (28:47) 

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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

Why having humility gives you an unfair advantage at winning at home and at work (and how to practice humility) (2:12) 
How being the CEO at home pushes your family away (and how to step back without sacrificing your leadership) (3:48) 
The “listen with your eyes” secret that prevents work from distracting you when you’re with your kids (6:30) 
The weird way overcoming an opiate addiction makes success in business and with God easier (10:05) 
The insidious way being a high-achiever makes you more prone to addictions (and how to harness this power to make the world a better place) (16:43) 
How to spot a life-changing ray of hope when you’re surrounded by nothing but black clouds (25:28) 
Why struggling early in your business to the point where you have to sell your wife’s ring to pay the bills makes success inevitable when you’re following God’s plan (30:02) 

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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

Why treating your family like your co-workers improves your marriage and your relationship with your kids (2:03) 
The “Never Empty-Handed” approach that makes your wife feels appreciated (6:46) 
The service mindset shift that strengthens your marriage more than weekly date nights (9:42) 
Why taking a new job that pays half of your current salary makes you more fulfilled and closer to God (especially when making less money is scary) (12:34) 
How working from home can poison your marriage (and how to protect your marriage when you must work from home) (17:48) 
The single defining factor that determines if you’re a good husband and father or not (21:43) 
Why 30% of the 10 Commandments are about comparison (and how to stop comparing yourself to others so you can unlock joy and peace) (25:24) 
How to transform your most humiliating failures into a way to serve God and your community (27:18) 

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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

Why discipline makes you a “super dad” (even when you have a million other things to take care of) (4:28) 
How setting expectations with your family and team prevents one of them from stealing too much of your time (6:23) 
Why selfishness rips marriages apart in unexpected ways (and how to use your marriage to become selfless) (9:42) 
The “Partnership Trick” that makes your wife happy when you go to happy hour networking events (10:28) 
How to bounce back in your faith, marriage, and career after losing your first child (13:04) 
The “Pain Becomes Your Platform” secret for leveraging your most heartbreaking circumstances to grow your business and bless others (17:47) 
Why trying to make your kids happy all the time is the most unloving thing you can do as a parent (26:48) 
The simple “regardless of” mindset shift that prevents divorce conversations from happening (even when your marriage is on the rocks) (34:24) 
How the Lord transforms your most humiliating failures into massive success (53:05) 

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Show highlights include:

The question that gives you instant clarity on how to grow your business without sacrificing your marriage. (6:35)
How to empower your team to find giant opportunities in your biggest challenges (even when your entire industry shuts down) (22:48)
Why thinking, brainstorming and reading can grow your business more than reinvesting all your profits (32:40)
How to “rejoice” and bounce back from business problems by giving your problems to God (44:25)

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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

Why being a parent is harder than being a CEO (and how humility makes both jobs easier) (4:06) 
How figuring out your children’s “love bank” helps you avoid having agonizing regrets as they grow up (5:55) 
The insidious way many parents use travel as a way to relax from parenting (11:16) 
How to guide your children towards their full potential (without being overbearing or too critical) (13:43) 
The weird way being desperate helps you get closer to God (and how to ask for salvation before hitting rock bottom) (22:06) 
Why you have to fail more often if you waant success (and why this applies to your personal life as much as it does in business) (24:54) 
The wicked way watching porn haunts you for decades after and cripples you marriage (26:44) 

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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

How humility and respect go hand in hand when leading your team and your family (2:19) 
The counterintuitive reason adding your faith to your company’s value statement opens more doors than it closes (even if you think it’ll make you lose customers) (10:15) 
How having “healthy tension” in your business pushes your company to grow (14:14) 
The subtle mindset shift to make in your prayers that helps you align with God’s plan for your life (16:11) 
2 simple ways to motivate and inspire others around you when you’re feeling unmotivated and uninspired (23:16) 
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In this episode, you’ll discover… 

How being a better listener helps you avoid verbal sparring matches in your home and work life (4:32) 
The “90-second emotional window” that helps you stop saying hurtful things you don’t mean to your family (5:47) 
The simple question to ask your kids that helps them create their own solutions to their problems instead of brushing you off with frustration (7:40) 
Why something as simple as sharing a cup of coffee with your spouse can be as effective as a well-planned date night (10:36)
Jesus’s “Orbit Secret” that helps you cure the loneliness many entrepreneurs feel (19:02) 
The “Return on Effort” mindset shift that helps your business grow (without sacrificing your family time in the process) (26:34) 
How your fear devours your free time and forces you to work 80 hour weeks (and how to stop letting your fear control your life) (29:33) 
The “Taxi Schedule” trick that keeps your home life running like a well-oiled machine (even if you and your spouse both work full-time) (36:46) 

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