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When you know who you want to serve and how you want to serve them, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to help those people lead better lives. It’s hard to watch them struggle when you know you could help them.… READ MORE

In the world of entrepreneurship and natural health, everyone seems to succeed. You can see people have giant impact while living dream lifestyles on a high income.
In a world like that, it’s easy to become jealous.… READ MORE

As a natural practitioner, your no.1 thing is probably having an impact on people’s lives. Guiding them to a better reality and allowing them to live a life worth living.
Accomplishing this mission is hard—it’s be soul-crushing to struggle with something to near to your heart.… READ MORE

It’s easy to look up to the experts. The “A-List”. The “pros”. It’s easy to admire how much they get done and how everything they do seems to fall into place and become a success.
Watching these people can make you feel inferior, like you’re somehow below them.… READ MORE

You help people become better versions of themselves. Your work allows your patients to live better lives. Instead of just prescribing a bottle of pills, you’re a companion in your patient’s journey.… READ MORE

As a holistic practitioner, your mission is probably one of the things you value most. Unfortunately, there are many things which can distract you from serving others with purpose.
One of those things is greed.… READ MORE

When your patients come in to be healed, they’re not just looking for your treatment. They come to feel your presence. They want to be safe, heard and understood—and feel it.
They want to experience holistic healing.… READ MORE

When you have a burning passion for helping people, nothing is worse than not being able to fulfill your mission. While choosing the path of being a holistic practitioner is one big step for your mission, you need to take step two: Attract patients.… READ MORE

As a holistic practitioner, you have a lot of energy you can use to heal people and improve their lives.
And while you know how your treatment can change their lives, their side often looks grim:
Before somebody comes to you for help, all they can see is the big problem ruining their life.… READ MORE

As a holistic practitioner, you’re constantly competing with other practitioners AND the allopathic medical establishment.
As a result, it can feel hard to acquire new patients, help more people and serve your purpose.… READ MORE

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