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As a natural practitioner, your no.1 thing is probably having an impact on people’s lives. Guiding them to a better reality and allowing them to live a life worth living.

Accomplishing this mission is hard—it’s be soul-crushing to struggle with something to near to your heart. But it’s worth it. And, there’s an underappreciated quality which is necessary for maximum impact:


Great leaders multiply their impact by inspiring others and helping them succeed in accomplishing their mission. In this episode, you’ll learn how to become a great leader who inspires action and creates a better world around himself.

Show highlights include:

– Why leaders often despise what average people strive for their whole lives. (5:20)
– How leaders win by expecting less of others (this might be surprising, but even high-performing leaders often expect very little from those around them). (5:40)
– You might not like this unintended consequence of leadership, but it’s a sign of moving forward. (8:50)
– Why BIG businesses fail—this will stifle ANY business’ growth. (11:55)
– Questions to ask yourself when you want to become a leader. (14:30)
One common thing leaders don’t do when “the competition” succeeds. (17:10)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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