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You’ve encountered your fair share of obstacles on your journey to running the practice you want to run.
Some of them might be physical (i.e. not having your own location), others might be skill-related (need to go back to school), but the most challenging obstacles are emotional ones.… READ MORE

Many holistic practitioners like to talk about the universe giving them something or about putting their intentions into the universe.
All of that might sound nice, but the truth is: The universe doesn’t really care all that much and it’s you who has to make things happen.READ MORE

As a holistic practitioner, you’re always trying to attract patients to your practice. Without patients, you’re not just out of money, but you’re also out of opportunities to touch lives and change them for the better.READ MORE

All sorts of “experts” and professors like to say it: Knowledge is power.
Reading every book on earth doesn’t grow your practice. Information by itself doesn’t change patient’s lives or attract more patients to you.READ MORE

You can run an amazing practice filled with patients and employees, but if you’re driven by a mission, you care less about the numbers than you care about the impact you can make by healing people.
And that’s what it all comes down to.READ MORE

You can have a filled practice that serves hundreds of patients a week. But when you don’t have a process for healing them, they’ll abandon you.
Having a system that works for your patients is what makes the difference between having raving fans that tell your friends about you and burning through patients one after another.READ MORE

You’re on a journey. A journey to become a sought-after practitioner that heals people.
But there’s no straight road to any place worth going, and you eventually face challenges.
Whatever your personal challenge at the moment, the best way to get past it quickly is to see how others have done what you’re trying to do.READ MORE

Your patients are the lifeblood of your practice. Without them, you’re not making any money or impacting any lives.
That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to see them leave, whether they decided to not work with you (anymore) or chose a different treatment.… READ MORE

As a holistic practitioner, you’re a transformer of lives—not a tacky salesperson.
Your purpose and passion are to heal others without “hard closing” patients. But you can’t make a living doing what you love if you don’t sell.… READ MORE

You’ve probably heard a few different opinions on working for “free.”
Some people love giving free consultations because they get in more paying patients, others say they devalue your treatment.… READ MORE

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