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Many holistic practitioners like to talk about the universe giving them something or about putting their intentions into the universe.

All of that might sound nice, but the truth is: The universe doesn’t really care all that much and it’s you who has to make things happen.

In this episode, you’ll hear how to take responsibility and make things happen without blaming failures or successes on the universe.

As a result, you’ll be in control of your destiny, deciding how many patients you work with and how much they will pay you.

Show highlights include:

  • If you doubt yourself as a practitioner, do this and take back control over your own thoughts. (3:10)
  • You can absolutely get messages, but if you don’t realize this, they’ll never translate into any real-world results. (6:45)
  • The single quality which will let you run a successful clinic AND be a healing presence for your patients. (7:10)
  • Why to expect mistakes—and why they’re often more important than your successes. (9:00)

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Welcome to More Patients, More Impact, More Income. The podcast for real holistic medical practitioners who want to grow their high impact, high income practice without selling out. Now, here's your host, Chris Axelrad.

Welcome to More Patients, More Impact, More Income. You're listening to the third and final part of the series. Let's jump back in again. Here's Chris with part three of this three part series.

Chris: Here's the key --the more that we send through our power here and stop looking for confirmation or denial of our power out here, the more powerful we become. I hear people say this all the time too, "Well, this happened, so maybe the universe is trying to tell me…" No. The universe isn't trying to tell you shit. The universe doesn’t care about you. This is you know I'm being real, real blunt about this, but that is an infantile narrative. [0:01:03.9]

It's an infantile narrative to think that the universe, that there's some external powerful universe thing that actually is thinking about you and is thinking specifically about what you need and what you don’t need. No. You are the universe. You are the one thinking of the needs and the things that you need and don’t need. The universe is simply a manifestation of the love of existence. What you perceive as being outside yourself is just this big ocean of love and mercy and kindness and you get to decide. You have complete freedom, complete freedom to project whatever belief or thought you want into that space. [0:02:02.2]

So someone who says, "I think the universe is giving me a sign that maybe I shouldn’t rent that space," take a step back and just take ownership of that and say, "You know what? I'm getting the feeling and I think that I probably just don’t want to rent that space." Take that power back. Take that power back for yourself.
You know, like you have a really slow week one week, maybe the universe is trying to tell me I need rest. Maybe the universe is just trying to give me space to a little more of my marketing stuff. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me that I suck as healer. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me that I'm not meant to do this. Maybe I'm being punished for something I did two weeks ago. So what you're doing is you're looking for power. You're giving power to what you see and all of it is just thoughts in your mind. [0:03:06.3]

That's it. Own your thoughts. Say to yourself, "Why am I thinking this?" I mean, for instance, maybe I'm having a slow week because I suck as a healer. Maybe I should just have a different career. That's the knowledge way. The knowledge way is to see something and take that knowledge and then try to make sense of it. The power way is to say, "I'm thinking am I really meant for this? Is this something I enjoy? Is it worth it for me to keep doing this?" Those are thoughts that put you back into the seat of power. If you're having that thought, like "I had a slow week. Maybe I do suck and maybe I should give up because maybe the universe is telling me that I don’t deserve to be successful." Have the guts and the courage, just turn that around, and say, "I'm thinking and I'm generating this thought that I suck and I'm thinking and generating this thought that I don’t deserve to be successful. [0:04:14.2]

I own it. That's fine and maybe I believe it and maybe I'll act on it, but it's going to be me. It's not going to be the universe. It's not going to be anyone else." Not going to be some, you know, do I believe there are you know spiritual entities in this world? Absolutely. Do I believe there are angels? Do I believe there are all these different levels of consciousness and being and existence and, absolutely. I believe the earth itself, I can't even begin to comprehend how it thinks, what it thinks, how it feels, what it feels. I just know this -- it's incredibly loving and kind and it's incredibly ruthless and exacting. The sun is obviously some type of very enlightened being, in my opinion and you know the way we perceive sun through our five senses is this big ball of light in the middle of the solar system that has gravity and keeps us warm and really is the source of all -- if you think about this, really think about this for a second. [0:05:23.3]

The light of the sun is the source of all the data and knowledge that exists on this planet. All of the information, all of life itself is derived from the light of the sun and the energy of the sun.

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Chris: So, to me, that projection of that energy, that projection of that data, that projection of all those wavelengths and all of that information is coming from an insanely enlightened being. So yes, I believe in those things. So I believe that, yes, sometimes like I know for a fact that my grandmother who has passed away many years ago, definitely still is in some kind of communication through my dream state. Because she'll come visit me in my dreams from time to time. Is that my mind projecting it? Maybe, but I think that the way that the interaction feels to me, there's definitely an interaction with some aspect of her energy that's going on. It's not just "me." So yeah, I believe that you can get messages, but at the same time, it's really important to understand that every thought you generate in response to anything is a thought you are generating. [0:06:59.9]

Take full ownership of that. Take full responsibility of that. That is power. That is power and the ability to run a successful clinic and the ability to have an impact on somebody clinically comes from the same fucking place. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise and don’t let any thought of your own discourage you from being massively successful in your business and in your clinic because there's a part of you that thinks that somehow that diminishes you as a clinician because I'm going to tell you right now, even in the Western medical field, there's a fertility clinic that I work with here in Houston and they have been incredibly successful from the standpoint of the business side, incredibly successful. [0:08:00.3]

And the two people who are the most responsible for that success no longer see patients. They are actually definitely retired from the clinical side but when they were seeing patients, they were, I mean it was just absolutely ridiculous how skilled they were. I mean I would watch some of the things that they would do with the patients and the protocols they came up with and having seen you know hundreds of other patients, going to hundreds of other you know not hundreds of other doctors, but several other doctors, and the kind of things that those doctors were doing, these guys were at least a decade if not more ahead. And they were doing things in a powerful way because the same mindset that was creating their success in the business side of things, which was what? Their intuitive thinking skills, their application of learned mistakes and principals, the application of learned mistakes and principals. What does that mean? It means that you're out there doing shit and you're actually making mistakes. [0:09:04.0]

Why? Because you're taking action and then you apply that in your field. That same skill works both clinically and in the business sense. The ability to rapidly and decisively implement common sense solutions to problems that present themselves in real-time. Again, there are the doctors that are more knowledge driven who just do protocol a, protocol b, protocol c. if you don’t fit protocol a, we're going to put you in protocol b, and if you don’t fit b, we're going to put you in c, and if you don’t fit one of those three, we don’t know what the fuck to do because we don’t have the ability to rapidly and decisively implement anything outside of our knowledge or maybe we have the ability, but we're just afraid to do it because we're afraid what other people are going to think. [0:10:04.0]

We're afraid that we're going, that you know it's not going to work. Fear, fear, fear, fear, fear.
So I would say that really, the biggest leverage point for developing power is learning to navigate the terrain of fear and I would say calmly and non-reactively. The biggest leverage point of developing power is learning to calmly and nonreactively navigate the terrain of fear because most of the time, what you're afraid of isn't real and I've seen this in medicine. People are afraid to try something new. Why? Simply because of a thought in their head that something might happen, not because there's any proof that what they're thinking about trying is in any way dangerous or detrimental or will cause any type of negative outcome whatsoever. [0:11:07.4]

So what they're actually afraid of is their own thought. They're just afraid of their own narrative. Learning how to calmly and non-reactively navigate that terrain and sustain your rational thought is the biggest leverage point for power both as a practice owner and as a practitioner of medicine. So that's going to be the end of this episode.

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