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As a natural practitioner, some traditional business skills (marketing, selling, accounting…) probably don’t come naturally to you.
And that’s fine. After all, you focus on serving a purpose, not on clawing at every penny you can make.… READ MORE

You’ve probably tried to market your practice before. And whether you’ve bought ads online, sent out postcards or put up flyers somewhere, you’ve had to write copy for your marketing.
And if you’re like many practitioners out there, you didn’t quite know what to write for your ad—and when you saw the results, they weren’t quite the windfall you expected.… READ MORE

Patients can be hard to understand. On the one hand, there are tons of people who need your help. You could help these people lead better lives. But when it comes to get them into your practice, it seems like they don’t want help—even though you’ve shown them your solution.… READ MORE

If you’re like most people, you can think back to a time where you seriously embarrassed yourself. We call moments “embarrassing” when we unintentionally break rules everybody else abides by.… READ MORE

When you sit down to create something that attracts patients, what do you do? You probably sit down and you get “empty page syndrome”.
You start to type, you delete. You type again, delete again until you decide to take a coffee break.… READ MORE

If you sold out, you could easily build a big practice with a lot of patients. You could partner with anyone and everyone, make false promises and accept any penny you could get.
But as an authentic holistic practitioner, you’re in this to fulfill a mission of helping people relieve their pain and you don’t want to be controlled by greed.… READ MORE

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times: Having a burning passion for what you do will help you through struggle, will let you strive ever higher and your conviction will attract patients like an industrial magnet.… READ MORE

When you’ve got a normal day job, you’ve got a few tasks and that’s it. Choosing your own path and running a holistic practice, you’re faced with a ton of a slew of different things from serving your patients to accounting.… READ MORE

As a listener of this podcast, you probably want to grow your practice. But there’s a reason everyone knows the term “growing pains”. Growth doesn’t just bring endless benefits and joy.
Growth challenges you and gives you new problems to solve so you can keep serving your patients.… READ MORE

Not every practitioner follows their mission full time. Maybe you’re one of them and you currently serve your patients part-time. If you’d like to go full-time, this episode is a must-listen.
Inside, you’ll learn how to believe in your dream and move past the doubts keeping you from living your dream life as a holistic practitioner.… READ MORE

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