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When you sit down to create something that attracts patients, what do you do? You probably sit down and you get “empty page syndrome”.
You start to type, you delete. You type again, delete again until you decide to take a coffee break.

Many practitioners find it hard to tune into their unique voice when they have to create marketing material. If that’s you, you’ll love this episode.

Inside, you’ll learn how to make marketing your practice effortless through simplicity.

Show highlights include:

– The one word that gets motivated patients to come in and pay attention. (9:25)
– The biggest reason why practitioners fail (it’s heartbreaking that this is even taught in schools). (9:40)
– Do you know everything about the medicine you practice? Your patient doesn’t care—and here’s why that’s good for you. (12:50)
– The most important thing in your patient’s life. Focus on this and you’ll magnetize patients towards you. (18:25)
– How to find and reach out to the people you can help most. (20:55)

Ready to fill your practice and keep it full?
To gain more patients for your holistic health practice without the stress and overwhelm, download your free copy of the Autopilot Patient Attraction Playbook today at www.highimpactpracticesystems.com.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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