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As a natural practitioner, some traditional business skills (marketing, selling, accounting…) probably don’t come naturally to you.

And that’s fine. After all, you focus on serving a purpose, not on clawing at every penny you can make. But to have a thriving practice and a filled calendar, you don’t need to be a cold-hearted business person.

Instead, you can lead the patients you seek to serve without becoming a used car salesperson and still have many grateful faces to look at after you treat your patients.

You’ll learn exactly how to get more patients in the door without becoming “salesy” in this episode.

Show highlights include:

  • How you can learn how to turn people with a health problem into healed, grateful patients using the secrets of Hollywood moviemakers. (1:40)
  • Why you shouldn’t talk about money before you know why your patient needs your prospect. (11:30)
  • How to never have to discount (and therefore devalue) your treatment. (15:00)
  • How to maximize the chances of a patient showing up and gaining their trust so they will respect you and keep coming back for follow-up appointments. (28:10)


Ready to fill your practice and keep it full?
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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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