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As a holistic practitioner, you have a lot of energy you can use to heal people and improve their lives.
And while you know how your treatment can change their lives, their side often looks grim:

Before somebody comes to you for help, all they can see is the big problem ruining their life.

They’re stuck in the desert—and your help can be their oasis.

This episode teaches you how to make people see how you can help people see your energy and help them experience your healing powers.

Show highlights include:

– Ask yourself this question to become a sought-after healer in your community. (3:10)
– The worst marketing/business strategy too many practitioners implement. (5:50)
– Why not spending money to market your practice can be a fatal mistake (and don’t do it “on the cheap” either). (8:05)
– What classic acupuncture wisdom can teach you about money. (8:30)
– One common unrealistic expectation many practitioners have about advertising (ditching this expectation opens the door for immeasurable impact). (13:05)
– Where to send people who click on your ads. (20:20)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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