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Whether it’s with prospects, patients, business partners or staff: Communication can make or break you. If you communicate ineffectively, your staff will revolt, your patients will leave and prospects will choose another doctor.… READ MORE

When you’re becoming a more successful chiropractor, you know you’re facing challenge after challenge.
And while there’s a lot of advice out there, the best people to learn from are those who’ve solved the exact problems you’re facing.… READ MORE

These days, attention spans get shorter and shorter. Fewer people take the time to read blog articles. Instead, they’re scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
If you want to reach anyone with your marketing, you have to target them where they are.… READ MORE

If you’ve tried to do your content marketing with video formats, you’ve probably had some pieces perform better and seen others do worse.
The key difference between a successful piece of video content and one that has zero impact is engagement.… READ MORE

You know how hard it can be to grow and run a successful practice. Knowing those challenges makes the multi-location practices that bring in millions of dollars every year even more impressive.
The good news is: If you want to have one of those practices budding chiropractors look up to, you don’t have to spend decades doing everything yourself.… READ MORE

Becoming a successful chiropractor is not only hard, but can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes, you’re so wrapped up in the day-to-day that it’s hard to see the bigger picture and the steps you need to take for your next evolution.… READ MORE

If you run your own practice, you know the gut-wrenching feeling of not knowing how you’ll pay your bills next month.
This happens to practices of all sizes, whether they make $30,000 or $30,000,000 per year.… READ MORE

YouTube is the perfect marketing channel for chiropractors. Showcasing client success stories is much more powerful on video than in a blog article.
But to many chiropractors, creating videos sounds hard.… READ MORE

Everybody tells you to create content to attract more patients, stand out from your competition and become the go-to chiropractor for your target market.
But what do you do if you had no audience? What if you don’t have thousands of people awaiting your next blog article?… READ MORE

Ever since you’ve started your practice, you’ve probably been doing similar things: Treating patients, working on the business and expanding your business and chiropractic skills.
All of that’s great, but it won’t get you to the next level.… READ MORE

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