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There’s a ton of advice for new, up-and-coming chiropractors out there. You can take that advice, get to a certain level—and then what?
If you’re established in your area, good at marketing and already have high revenues, you might want to take your marketing to the next level, but don’t know how to.… READ MORE

You’ve probably heard it before: Blogging helps you rank better on Google—and being the first search result in your city gets you more patients.
But if you’ve tried blogging, you’ve probably realized it’s not that easy to get ranked on Google.… READ MORE

If you’re treating patients regularly, you’re probably not all too excited about documentation. Taking notes on patients and work isn’t one of the things most chiropractors like.
But it’s absolutely necessary.… READ MORE

As a listener of this podcast, you probably want to improve your practice in 2020—whether that means more patients, fewer patients at higher rates or less time spent working.
However you want to change your practice, you’ll have to convey your new vision to your patients with marketing.… READ MORE

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect. How do you feel about the year? Did you reach your goals? Did you struggle in your practice or did everything go smoothly?
However you review your year, make sure you keep one thing in mind: Positivity.… READ MORE

When you decide to open up your own practice, the road to success sounds simple: You start right out of school, then you get your first patients. Your first patients get you more and that’s when your practice just keeps growing.… READ MORE

You’ve got to market your practice. That’s why you educate yourself on marketing, learn more about how to attract patients, etc.
But in marketing, there’s one big problem: The most common examples of marketing only work for giant corporations.… READ MORE

If you’re like most chiropractors, you started your practice not knowing much about marketing, but quickly realized: If you want a thriving practice, you need to get good at marketing.
But there’s a lot of confusion about marketing.… READ MORE

Email marketing, social media, paid advertising, content marketing and other methods are great ways to reach past, current and potential patients. Those methods would be close to perfect if it wasn’t for one big problem:

Whether it’s with prospects, patients, business partners or staff: Communication can make or break you. If you communicate ineffectively, your staff will revolt, your patients will leave and prospects will choose another doctor.… READ MORE

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