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Content marketing sucks when nobody cares. When you’re ignored, it’s easy to believe you need to “go viral” and become the latest social media sensation.
But attracting patients with content marketing doesn’t have to be hard.… READ MORE

With a virus demolishing economies, health systems and public life worldwide, it’s easy to get scared. Will your family be alright? How will you make money during a lockdown? Will you still have a practice when this is over?… READ MORE

Unless you run a giant practice, company culture and customer experience probably sound like corporate words—not something you should focus on. You need to get patients, work less and help people, right?… READ MORE

You want to help your patients remove their pain and see their smiles when they leave your practice.
But all too often, chiropractors get treated like second rate doctors from people who don’t know any better.… READ MORE

Getting new patients with advertising is nice. But if that’s your only method of getting patients, you’re always “buying” your new patients. The problem? Unless you’re in a metropolis, you’ll run out of people to serve—and your ads might not work a year from now.… READ MORE

Exercise is probably one of the things you recommend most to your patients after a successful treatment.
But what happens when you send them off? They might join a gym and get bad advice from amateurs, which makes their pain return.… READ MORE

Content marketing sounds like a lot of work: If you follow all the expert advice you’ll be writing blog posts, recording videos, editing graphics and managing social media pages. This could leave you wondering, “Am I a marketing manager or Chiropractor?”
But it doesn’t have to be this way.… READ MORE

If you’ve run your own practice for a while, you probably know that it can feel like you’re always working without earning more.
Yet, there are chiropractors who enjoy as much free time as they want while earning enough to live in financial freedom.… READ MORE

Unless you’re the best chiropractor ever, no one will go on a road trip or fly out to see you.
And that’s a good thing.
It makes marketing your practice easier. Patients from close by come back more easily, refer you to their neighbors and get a reminder when they drive by your office.… READ MORE

If you listen to successful people, many of them will tell you the same thing: You need coaching. Whether you’ve got a coach already or are still going at it on your own, the wisdom of a coach can help you break through the barriers you face and become the chiropractor you were meant to be.… READ MORE

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