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Are you charging the fees you should charge?
Even if you’ve been in business for years, you might be working under false ideas about the value you provide to your clients.
But if clients are coming to you for help, it’s because they trust your expertise.READ MORE

Are you busy working every day, keeping clients happy and moving your business forward?
Staying busy is one way to grow your business. But when you’re always busy, you don’t have the time to see what’s working and what can be improved.READ MORE

So, how do you find the right people to do the right job and get them to be the most productive they can be? This is the challenge of Human Resources.
When you look at human capital from a talent perspective, it changes the way of how you treat your people.… READ MORE

Talking is easy. But, listening is hard.
If you go people watching, you’ll see that most people don’t communicate; they talk. This is why most people suck at communication.
But, real communication doesn’t have to be hard.… READ MORE

Do you want more freedom, growth, and coolness in your life?
Everybody does, of course. But to get these, we have to risk hearing the word “No.” And because no one wants to feel rejected, we spend our time worrying about our “systems” instead of seeking out more “No’s.”
But you don’t have to worry about your systems.READ MORE

Your job is not a financial guarantee. Even if you’re good at what you do, the company you work for could end your paychecks tomorrow.
That’s why building valuable relationships around your passions is important.READ MORE

If you’ve spent years working in corporate America, you’ve seen people spend all their life making another company rich.
But what if you could use these skills to build your own business?
Before Kelly Roach launched her own business, she was helping her coworkers succeed in their careers.READ MORE

Working at the same company for decades teaches you lots of things over the years.
Tim Cole worked for the same pharmaceutical company for 38 years. At first, he was told he’d never make it as a salesman.READ MORE

Many entrepreneurs put in long hours to get everything done.
And when you operate at full capacity, it feels like your business is running you.
But what if you could design your life and business to regain your freedom?READ MORE

We all “know” how to make a cold call, or lose 30 pounds.
But knowledge isn’t the same as getting results. You may be getting in your own way and not even know it. This self-sabotage stops you from reaching your goals.READ MORE

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