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When you start out as a financial advisor, you’re hungry for success.
You start landing your first few clients, then a couple more—and suddenly you’re a successful financial advisor running a thriving business.READ MORE

Do you sometimes feel you can’t get it all done?
Between serving clients, growing your business and your private life, it’s easy to have more tasks in your head than you feel you could ever handle.
But some people DO get it all done.READ MORE

Building a business can be hard, especially in the beginning.
There are bills to be paid, clients to be served and if you’re new at this, you also have to grow into the mindset of a successful entrepreneur.
Many of the challenges financial advisors face are caused by 4 phrases they tell themselves and others.READ MORE

As a financial advisor who does great work for his clients, you probably want to help more and more people get a great return on their money—and make more money yourself.
Referrals from current clients are one of the most popular ways of attracting new leads.READ MORE

As a listener of this podcast, you know marketing is essential to your success as a financial advisor. And you probably have ideas on how to improve your marketing.
But if you think of marketing and think of commercials, slogans and branding, even your most creative ideas will fail.… READ MORE

You’ve probably seen plenty of experts dispense advice on how to become a highly-paid financial advisor. Most of them trumpet how much money they make and how easy their life is.
But you learn the most from other people’s mistakes, not from how successful they are now.… READ MORE

As a financial advisor trying to grow, you probably have tons of things to do. From educating yourself to serving and attracting clients, your to-do list is endless and you couldn’t get it all done if you had 50 hours in a day.… READ MORE

To most people, the life of a millionaire feels almost unrealistic: Spending your time however you want, driving a car people look after (was that a Ferrari?) and not answering to anybody.
This doesn’t seem like something most people could also have.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever been drunk, you’d probably agree that working while drunk but would be risky—at best. Still, many financial advisors have lifestyles that make them work as if they were drunk.
In this episode, you’ll hear all about how to maximize your productivity and work with a clear mind so you can claim your success fast.… READ MORE

Do you get paid for every hour you spend working?
Most financial advisors have trouble even thinking about that question because the inevitable answer is usually no.
Many financial advisors spend hours on the phone talking to clients, they dispense advice to strangers who are not even prospects and some even offer complete financial strategies for free.… READ MORE

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