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Some investors can run their business on “easy mode”. They’re the only real estate investors in a small market and get all the deals. Sure, they have their challenges too.
But they have it easier than you if you’re in a big city full of competitors preying on your leads.… READ MORE

You’ve probably realized that more and more investors are pouring into the market. This means more competition, but it also means more profit potential for people who target investors.
When you want help with your marketing, tech or sales, you’ll have to hire service providers.… READ MORE

Most investors use patchwork marketing tactics they learned from different sources. Whether it’s direct mail, bandit signs, SEO, AdWords or postcards–you’ve probably heard it all a thousand times.… READ MORE

If you want to become wealthy as a real estate investor, you need to scale your REI business. The only way you’ll ever accomplish that is by using leverage to get more results in less time.
How can you do that?… READ MORE

Many real estate investors dream of quitting their jobs to do deals full time. And while that’s a great thing for many, that might not be your reality (yet). Maybe you don’t even want to invest full time and would rather keep your REI business a side hustle.… READ MORE

When you got started in REI, you probably thought it’s simple: Buy houses and sell them.
But as you advanced and learned more about the business, you probably realized it’s much more complex.
Most investors these days don’t completely understand what they really do.… READ MORE

Whether or not you were a real estate investor during the 2008 recession, you can learn one thing from it: Markets change. They always have and always will.
And if you want your business to survive the next big shift in the real estate market, you need to adapt and adjust.… READ MORE

Most real estate investors do one of two things: They do no marketing at all—or they market and sell so much on every channel that they never go deep enough to see results.
Neither of those are good. If you want to attract and close leads like a pro, you should execute what’s called a “barbell strategy”.… READ MORE

If you’ve been an investor for a while, you’ve probably gotten a few leads in your business.
But if they don’t become deals, you don’t make money.
Most times, it’s not your sales skills, your experience or any certifications you may or may not have.… READ MORE

If you want to scale your REI business, you’re probably thinking about all the marketing tactics, the technology and who and when to hire help.
But sometimes, things are much simpler: Jesse Trujillo does 80 flips in a year in a very competitive market on the back of just relationships.… READ MORE

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