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The way you define something limits your ability to fully explore it. If you want to be fully free, you need to learn to challenge your definitions of things — especially negative ones.
When you can see something from a different angle, not only does it make you appreciate it more, but it can free you from all the negative emotions you’ve attached to it.… READ MORE

The better your memory is, the easier life becomes. Not only is it easier to learn new things, but  a better memory also makes it easier to move on from past traumas and addictions that held you back before.… READ MORE

It’s easy to get duped by politicians, scientists, conspiracy theorists, marketers, or anyone else with a hidden agenda.
But you can’t be fully alive and free if you’re constantly getting duped.… READ MORE

Life tempts us with all sorts of poison. Whether it comes from relationships, business deals, bad news, or any other negative event.
But drinking the poison itself isn’t the cause of all turmoil and destruction in our lives.… READ MORE

Most people walk around as a victim to their own emotions.
They don’t realize that it’s possible to have complete control over their emotions in most situations that arise in life.
In today’s episode, I’m sharing with you exactly what you need to do to have complete control over your emotions so you don’t unnecessarily ruin any relationships so you can live a happier and more free life.… READ MORE

Words don’t get enough credit for how much they impact our world around us.
But words are spells that have the power to enchant and charm others when used properly — or drain us of all our energy when used wrongly.… READ MORE

Society has taught us to see gaslighting as a terrible thing.
It has the power to tear relationships apart because it makes your partner question their sanity.
But is it really that bad?
Turns out, there’s a good side to gaslighting that can help you grow as a person and in your relationship.… READ MORE

Sometimes setting boundaries in your relationship can have a positive impact.
But most times, boundaries build a wall between you and your partner that sabotages your relationship further.
In today’s episode, I’m talking about the dark side of boundaries and what you can do instead to build a stronger, more loving relationship.… READ MORE

Every single addict on the planet has superpowers.
The problem is that you don’t realize you can take these superpowers and apply them to other, more positive areas of your life.
In other words, you already have superpowers.… READ MORE

Science holds a certain amount of weight on our psyches because we naturally trust scientists.
But what if the science is wrong? In many cases, science is biased, flawed, and based on old assumptions that have been proven false.… READ MORE

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