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There was a lot of hype this week about May 4th being a day to celebrate Star Wars.

The gimmick is, “May the 4th be with you.”

Seemed to work too, stored had sales, bars had parties, and plenty of Star Wars talk.

The day after was “Cinco de Mayo” where Mexican restaurants offer beer specials to bring people in to celebrate the Mexican Armies unlikely victory over the French forces on May 5th 1862.

Why don't we add one more to the mix?

From now on May 7th will be international Ear Hole day.

And the way we celebrate is by listening to your favorite podcasts.

But there are some rules to this celebration.

First, one of your favorite podcast has to be from The Podcast Factory.

Second, we only celebrate if the 7th is on a Sunday.

And last, you gotta buy me a beer if you see me out.

With that, here's some goodies for your ear holes:

Traffic and Funnels | Smartest Guys In Marketing

‘The Thinking Big’ Scam

Ever feel like your goals are just too big to accomplish? Or bad luck always seems to loom over you like a black storm cloud? Or maybe you just didn’t ‘want it’ bad enough?

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Doberman Dan | Off The Chain

Crazy… but true…

Call it what you will…

For the pragmatic… setting a goal, being persistent and accomplishing it. (That sounds

like a lot work, doesn’t it?)

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Dan Meredith | Death Glory or Disappointment

Social Media Savages

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Linnore Gonzales | Good Living By Design

Organized Home, Organized And Happy YOU!

Did you know that having an organized home can maximize your efficiency?

Not to mention the nice feeling you get when you look at your clutter free home.

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Igor Kheifets | List Building Lifestyle

5 Rules To Becoming A Great Leader


There’s a common military misconception that states military personnel are robots.

Supposedly, these people blindly march into battle just because they’re given the order to.

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Tracy Matthews | Thrive By Design

The 7 Stages to Accelerate Jewelry Business Success


Designers always ask me,

“Tracy, how did you create a jewelry brand that consistently generates multiple 6 figures and only spending 10% of your working time in it?”

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Kyle Newell | Unlocking Your Inner Strength

The Secret of How I Gained 30 Pounds of Muscle in One Summer

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Igor Kheifets | List Building Lifestyle

The Persuasion Secrets Of The Top 1% With Jeremy Miner


After studying under the best (and the worst) of marketers on the entire planet, I conclude:

Tons of people know how to market well.

Some know how to teach it.

Few know how to teach it well.

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Lisa Rangel | The Pretend You're Fired Today Podcast

3 Easy Ways to Connect with your Network When You Don’t Need It

Does this describe you?

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Ben Settle | Podcast

NO is good

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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