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Do solo ads really work for anyone other than solo ad sellers?

If not, why is everyone talking about them?

If they do, how do you know if they’ll work for you without dropping thousands of dollars on traffic tests?… READ MORE

When I started with solo ads there were no solo ad marketplaces.

Solo ad sellers were kind of like your friendly neighborhood dope dealers.

You had to know a guy who knew a guy who knows the dealer's beeper number.… READ MORE

May 2011.

My laptop crashed.

It was a common error for windows laptops at the time – the blue screen of death.

When that happens, there's a good chance you'll have to replace your hard drive or graphics card.… READ MORE

I wasn’t born naturally funny.

Growing up I was fat and kept to myself.

Anytime I opened my mouth to say something funny I ended up embarrassing myself.

I learned to keep my mouth shut when I’m around people.… READ MORE

How do you create a high converting offer?

Most marketers start with a blank slate and try to get creative.

Others plagiarize offers from their idols.

But that’s not my style

Almost every high converting offer I ever produced follows the exact same set of rules.… READ MORE

I was working around the clock.

I prospected.

I put out offers.

I wrote unique content.

I drove traffic (mostly free though).

But nobody wanted to join me in business.

It was a year since I started marketing my first online MLM.… READ MORE

The #1 reason MLMers switch from traditional marketing to internet marketing is to create duplication.

Yeah, the magic D word!

Incidentally, virtually anyone who promotes online business opportunities is looking for it too!… READ MORE

Head to Head, toe to toe, dollar for dollar which one's more profitable?

Email and Facebook are like apples and oranges.

Both are fruit, but hard to compare.

In today's episode I answer this question once and for all.… READ MORE

If you're struggling to close prospects who show interest in your business opportunity, pay close attention to this episode.

There's one tactic I always use no matter what I'm marketing that gets me more sales, more customers and more good will than any other marketing tactic I've ever tried.… READ MORE

If there's one thing you can use to dominate a marketplace it's a no brainer offer.

The kind of offer that makes people go “OMG, where do I buy that?!”

In fact, there's billion dollar companies built around just one no brainer offer.… READ MORE

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