“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

There's 3 types of prospects who ever hit your funnel.

1st, there's the “you had me at hello” ones.

2nd, there's the “no, thanks, maybe later” ones.

3rd, there's everyone in between.

About 90% of your visitors are undecided.

They sorta want it. But they procrastinate.

The only way to push them off the fence is good old fashion scarcity.

My guest is a scarcity expert. He's the dude legends like Perry Marshall consult about their offers.

He's Jack Born. And he's going to show you how to ethically use scarcity to double your affiliate conversions.

Igor Kheifets

Igor Kheifets has been making money online working out of a small town coffee shop deep in the thicket of Israel. Igor runs the world largest Solo Ad Agency at www.igorsoloads.com where he assists beginners and veterans in getting high-quality leads for their online businesses using solo ads.

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