“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting®

How do you get someone to want to buy from you?
Before marketing…
Before selling…
Before making an offer…
You have to shake them out of their trance.
The prospect is swamped with advertising messages each day.… READ MORE

You’ve been trained since birth to be a mindless drone.
Do this, this happens.
Its all cause and effect, they said.
All you had to do was to stay in line and follow the simple directions.
And as you move along through the long tunnel, you knew that eventually you’d see the light.… READ MORE

Here’s the cold hard truth:
Your prospect doesn’t care.
She doesn’t care about you.
Your product.
Your life or anything it.
All she cares about is…
“Can you solve my problem? And if you can – HOW?”
Here’s how to answer this question in a way that gets people to want to learn more about what you do.… READ MORE

If you’re anything like most people I talk to – you hate selling.
But you want to be rich.
That’s like wanting to have sex but hating to date.
You can’t do one without the other (excluding prostitution, of course).… READ MORE

It’s the most important part of your email.
Get it right and your list will reward you with opens, click and sales.
Blow it and kiss your profits good bye!
Are you making these common subject line mistakes?… READ MORE

It’s ugly, but it’s the truth.
And you deserve to know it.
If you’re buying solo ads – I guarantee you’re being ripped off right now.
There’s 4 ways solo ad scammers are taking you for a ride.… READ MORE

It’s a list builders wet dream.
Write an email, hit send and watch the commissions roll in.
But it hardly ever works out that way.
Most times, the email bombs and you walk away empty handed.
What’s the secret to writing killer solo ad swipes?… READ MORE

She might not be ready to go all the way.
Say the wrong thing, and you lose her forever.
You’ve got to start where she is.
Then lead her to the climax.
Coax your prospect from total stranger to satisfied client by taking her through the 5 stages of prospect seduction.… READ MORE

There’s 3 types of prospects who ever hit your funnel.
1st, there’s the “you had me at hello” ones.
2nd, there’s the “no, thanks, maybe later” ones.
3rd, there’s everyone in between.… READ MORE

Unsubscribes are the Boogeyman of email marketing.
They’re the reason marketers refuse to mail their lists hard.
They’re afraid to push people off their list, because that’s, of course, is a bad thing, right?… READ MORE

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