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Most of us are misdiagnosing our exhaustion. We feel tired but we think it’s because we’re not getting enough exercise…or maybe its age… or maybe its hormonal.
So we shrug our shoulders and refuel mid-day with coffee or sugar.… READ MORE

Chris and Taylor chat with special guest and client; Trisha Mandes.
Trisha is an expert nutritionist who specializes in sustainable weight loss for people who have tried everything else and failed.… READ MORE


Here’s a quote I feel perfect relates both the mindset and nutrition and body performance aspects of today’s show. It’s by Isak Dinesen.
“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”
In the first part of today’s show I’m sort of going to be talking about the sweat and tears part as these two things are key to taking back your power.READ MORE

Today’s podcast is part 1 of arguably the most important thing I can teach anyone about anything — i.e. the inner game of success. If you’re someone who buys and learns everything about marketing, selling, copywriting, etc… but makes little or nothing (and it frustrates you), then this is for you.… READ MORE

Indecision and doubt will almost certainly haunt anyone climbing the personal or professional success ladder.
The devil’s wedge of doubt only needs a tiny crack to infiltrate one’s life. It’s sneaky, and it will show up in your daily life when you least expect it to, trying it’s best to keep you safe inside your ‘comfort bubble.’
And doubt doesn’t disappear the more successful you become.… READ MORE

It CAN be done, ya know?
Of course that depends on your passion.
If you’re passionate about sitting on the sofa, drinking beer and eating pizza… it’s gonna be a whole lot harder to make money with that than a person who is passionate about golf.… READ MORE

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you most probably already know that serving high-end clients plays a vital role in growing your business to give you the freedom and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.… READ MORE

If you want to get better every day, environment is everything.
It affects and influences how we think, believe and live or life.
Consider this; why were you born? What is it that you’ve been put on this planet to achieve?… READ MORE

Being ‘selfish’ is almost always seen as a negative thing. Most believe it’s caring only about yourself and disregarding others. But this couldn’t be further from the truth as you’ll find out in this episode.… READ MORE

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