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Robert Cialdini spent his entire career researching the science behind influence and persuasion. Author of two groundbreaking books and globally recognised as the ‘Godfather of Influence’.
In today’s episode, James talks with special guest Stuart MacLean and together analyse three of the key components in Cialdini’s lifetime of work.READ MORE

How often does it feel like you are wasting your time doing things you either hate doing or really feel you shouldn’t be doing?
What’s up everyone? Got a great show for you today. You’re about to take the red pill to open your eyes to how you’re plugged into the time-sucking matrix!  READ MORE


Today’s Traffic and Funnels episode doesn’t have a main focus.
Instead, the boys have put together an arsenal of quick fire biz and marketing nuggets that cut through the minefield of complicated jargon to help you progress forward.READ MORE

One of the most important things when it comes to your career is to make sure you DON’T get overlooked when it’s time for a promotion.
That’s why, on today’s show we’re going to list 10 tactics you can do to increase your chances.READ MORE

The latest podcast is up and way-too-patiently waiting for your righteous self to listen. It’s about people who like to type just to hear themselves write and how it destroys sales.… READ MORE

Following on from the previous episode, Jean is joined by special guest Kristiin Sabey who shares her interesting insights into mastering the art (and science) of storytelling in your marketing.
Here Are The Show Highlights:

Left brained VS right brained marketing (2:00)
‘Edge of their seats’ storytelling (4:30)
Your opportunity to become fantastic!READ MORE


Whether you’d call yourself a morning person or ‘the night owl’, everyone has to begin their day at some point. And we all start our day a little differently.
If you want to enjoy a productive day, it’s imperative you make a great start.READ MORE

How do you get someone to want to buy from you?
Before marketing…
Before selling…
Before making an offer…
You have to shake them out of their trance.
The prospect is swamped with advertising messages each day.… READ MORE

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