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In today’s episode, Harold talks about how to make your financial life better by avoiding distractions and bad influences. He also introduces a new idea called “financial tribalism,” which explains how the people around you can affect your money.… READ MORE

One of the things we love about IBC is that you can set up a system to BYOB–”Be Your Own Banker” and essentially borrow money “from yourself”…at far lower rates than conventional banks offer.… READ MORE

Show Highlights:

Market-driven tailwinds vs. company successes. [00:03:37]
How tailwinds create a business-fitness fallacy. [00:04:48]
Uncover the danger of untested execution capacity. [00:06:12]
Find out how tailwinds blunt business resiliency.… READ MORE

In an economic downturn, you can’t rely on what used to work. Being reactive won’t help you thrive.
If you want deals, you have to innovate.
Today, you’ll hear from an investor who solved his business problems by innovating.… READ MORE

Today, you’ll hear how I almost went bankrupt twice and how I managed to flip the script and make millions. I’ll share the steps to staying focused and taking over the game of life.
We’re also talking about the huge success of our recent DM event in Nashville, where we raised over $756,000 for charity!… READ MORE

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about the fake lifestyles you see on social media and why they’re not the real deal. I’ll share my own journey and how real success comes from hard work and smart investments.… READ MORE

In today’s show, Troy Broussard and JR Rivera talk about why you don’t need constant motivation to succeed.
Troy shares why being passionate and having good habits are more important than just trying to stay motivated.… READ MORE

In this episode, host Greg Giuliano sits down with David Pendery, chief marketing officer at CSG, to uncover the secrets behind effective leadership in marketing.
With over 25 years of experience, David offers a unique perspective on building trust, fostering transparency, and empowering teams.… READ MORE

Ready to supercharge your progress?
This week, we’re embracing a super simple approach that is often overlooked. Cherylanne shares eye-opening stories and powerful insights from women who discovered that the magic often lies in taking the most obvious steps.… READ MORE

Join the community today: https://www.TheExposeSociety.com/
We are picking up where we left off last week and discussing more things we had to improve as men. We are going to share more real stories that will make you think and grow.… READ MORE

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