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If we worked in the world’s richest bank, and I handed you a key, and this key opened up every door there was in this bank, including the vault, how valuable would that key be? Not one you’d want to lose, am I right?READ MORE

In today’s episode of the Donor Doctor Show, James and stuart discuss the legendary direct marketing specialist, Joan Throckmorton. She had over 30 years of experience in the field and was head of her own marketing and creativity consultancy in New York before she recently passed away.READ MORE

Unsubscribes are the Boogeyman of email marketing.
They’re the reason marketers refuse to mail their lists hard.
They’re afraid to push people off their list, because that’s, of course, is a bad thing, right?… READ MORE

Two of the most common questions I hear job seekers ask are:
“How am I supposed to look for a job, when I am employed?” or, “Finding a job is a full-time job…and I already have a job. How am I supposed to do this?”
And I get it.READ MORE

What happens when someone buys from you online?
For a lot of jewelry designers I work with, the answer is, “I respond to their message, make or find the item, and ship the item!”
Girl, if you’re doing all the work before and after you make a sale, you’re not ready to sell out your e-store!… READ MORE

A spanking-brand new podcast is up and wriggling online. It’s about how to create your own copywriting tactics.… READ MORE

In business, your market research is kind of a big deal.
Doing it the right way (which is what you’re going to learn today) will give your business a clear picture of what your customers actually want – not what you think they want.READ MORE

And it doesn’t come from my business or marketing experience.
It comes from my bodybuilding experience back in the day.
This truly is the secret to creating any kind of life you want… and getting EVERYTHING you desire.… READ MORE

Believe it or not, a real life superpower doesn’t have to come from your favourite hero or a comic book.
Each and every one of us has that unique superpower hidden inside us. It’s up to you to find out what it is and express it.… READ MORE

I’m working on the Ultimate Guide To Solo Ads.
A huge portion of the guide talks about email marketing.
It covers everything – from daily frequency and formatting to how to minimize your spam complaints and get away with pitching in every email.… READ MORE

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