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This week’s podcast is about the world’s most dangerous number. Whatever business you do, whatever your social situation, whatever your personal life goals… avoid this number or face your doom.… READ MORE

Go to www.AgentOnfire.com and Download Your FREE Copy of “7 Listing Secrets”
Many agents never get listings because they’re easy prey for guys like me and you – the people who know how to do it and have a proven process of getting results.… READ MORE

Many people live their lives having no clue what they actually want.
Oftentimes, they follow dreams of somebody else, or one they thought was expected of them – not an outcome true of themselves. On the other hand, if you have
a clear idea of the life you want, you’re able to carve and create your reality and live a life that makes you both happy and fulfilled.… READ MORE

I opened up this episode with a song.
But I feel like an idiot.
I got the chorus right but I played the riff to another song.
Whatever. It was just a set up to get into the REAL topic:
Brown M&Ms.
If you have to hire employees, work with independent contractors or joint venture partners, this brown M&M secret could save you a LOT of time and trouble.… READ MORE

There’s an overwhelming amount of information about how to achieve the perfect work-life balance.
It’s important you spend your time in the most rewarding way possible but the majority of people in the world today struggle with the fine line between work and life.… READ MORE

A winners mindset isn’t something handed to you. It requires work overtime to build and can be one of the most powerful tools to guarantee you success in life.
But unfortunately, many people fail to grasp this concept.… READ MORE

One of the greatest ways for you to make money in business is to become a resourceful person.
Being resourceful means leveraging an idea or solving problems using resources you have available. It’s about positioning yourself to gain massive support from those around as well as an essential skill almost all successful entrepreneurs and business owners have mastered.… READ MORE

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like the outsider? Like you’re standing on the outside of a circle while everyone INSIDE it has what you want? It’s definitely not fun, and it can even be incredibly destructive, leading to feelings of envy, isolation, and depression.… READ MORE

What’s the best way to get more exposure for your jewelry business?
Getting featured by the media!
You might be thinking, “easier said than done!” but it’s actually not as mystifying as you think to get PR for jewelry designers!… READ MORE

You might be a little confused by today’s title. Especially if you listened to last week’s episode when I told you that the brilliance of the brain and the body is that everything it does is to promote survival first.READ MORE

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