“Professionally Produced Podcasting That Outranks The Competition”

I totally caught this guest by surprise.

It was complete “ambush journalism” on my part.

And you’ll be amazed (and probably wealthier) when you hear his response.

Click here now to check out the “ambush journalism” episode of Off The Chain.… READ MORE

After nine years in the online marketing world, I still see the same mistakes over and over again.

Some of them are small.

Some are huge.

But none of them compares with the cardinal sin of online marketing.

In fact, one recent interaction brought this horrible sin to my attention.… READ MORE

invest in your jewelry business

There are three things in life. The things you know, the things you don’t know, and the thingsyou don’t know you don’t know.

That last one can get you into serious trouble!

It was also me about 7 years ago when my first business failed and I started over with and launched a new business, my custom jewelry brand..… READ MORE

Welcome back to another action packed Pretend You’re Fired episode!

Today you’re going to discover five ways to effectively and strategically incorporate your soft skills into your resume so you’re always marketable to your network.READ MORE

The power to increase sales.

To keep customer satisfaction up.

To win one of every three arguments you have with your spouse.

It’s not a superpower ripped by a Marvel hero.

It’s the power of negotiation.… READ MORE

This week's unrighteous podcast has been uploaded for your listening displeasure.

It's about how to test people — customers, girls, friends, anyone you want to make sure aren't low class jackass saving you much time, energy, and frustration.READ MORE

Wanna know who 50 Cent says is a fool?

People who want things in life fast and easy.

(Probably ’cuz the only things in life that come fast and easy are fear, heartache and Domino’s pizza.)

You, on the other hand, are no fool.… READ MORE


It’s the one element in marketing that separates the winners from the losers.

It used to be easy to fake it.

You could photoshop income statements and write your own testimonials.

Nowadays, it’s different.… READ MORE

marie forleo thrive by design tracy matthews jewelry business marketing

The jewelry world is full of clutter and noise.

Because of that, it’s become increasingly more challenging to stand out and grab your DREAM client’s attention, especially online.

That’s why YOUR ability to create an immediate and long term connection with the right customers is the difference between having crap sales and easily finding the perfect customers 24/7.… READ MORE

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