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Ever noticed how it’s the people in the sidelines who supposedly know everything there is to know about ‘the game?’
They try to give all kinds of advice, but you never see them actually ‘playing.’
And it’s for this very reason why the gold medals only – and always – go to the players on the field in life.… READ MORE

In past episodes, you’ve learned about well-meaning, yet terrible advice by clueless people. You’ve heard about the malignant outsiders trying to sabotage you.
But if you think you need to create your success all alone, you’re wrong.… READ MORE

Starting your own retail store in this day and age might sound crazy.
But when you focus on your customers and what they really want, you can create a great retail experience and a profitable business.
You can add a retail section onto your studio so people can come in and see people creating the jewelry while they shop!… READ MORE

Most of us learned this in kindergarten, but it seems it’s a lesson we easily forget. You know, like when you were a kid and you thought two coins were better than one – like two nickels were better than one quarter.… READ MORE

Feeling comfortable is usually a good thing.
But becoming too comfortable and complacent can hold you back from growing and moving forward.
As an ambitious woman striving to reach your highest potential, I can tell you from experience that you’ll never get there if your “porridge” is always “just right.”
One of the most significant challenges high-achieving women face in business is having the confidence to know when their “porridge” is “just right,” (aka when they’ve become too comfortable in their current job).… READ MORE

If you have experience in a specific niche, then you’ve got a powerful resource you can easily turn into a highly profitable business.
It’s never been easier to establish yourself as an expert in your space – and get paid a high price premium for your knowledge.… READ MORE

Go to www.AgentOnfire.com and Download Your FREE Copy of “7 Listing Secrets”
Most real estate agent website suck.
99% of them are created using copycat templates, offer little to no value and never generate any leads.… READ MORE

Today’s podcast is part 3 of my 4-part “Mount Rushmore” (hat tip to the great Brian Kurtz for the analogy) of people who get the lion’s share of the credit (or blame…) of any success I’ve had in this crazy bid’niz.… READ MORE

It’s depressing.
But it totally changed how I’m living my life.
Long story short:
I’ve found out exactly how much time I have left to do the things I really want to do.
Basically, reality bitch slapped me hard.… READ MORE

We come to understand ourselves best through relationships with those around us, and more often than not, what we tell other people is a reflection of our own beliefs and behaviors.
In today’s show, you’re going to learn why it’s not only essential to protect the words coming out of your mouth, but why it’s foundational if you want to live a life true of yourself on your terms.… READ MORE

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