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Being multi-passionate can work against you if you’re not prioritizing your time and managing your energy.
It’s critically important to set boundaries so your choices can have a bigger impact in the places that matter most to you.… READ MORE

Every year we love to start out with a bang, and this year is no exception!
We’re bring back the Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp!
If you weren’t around for it last year, it’s an opportunity to refresh your brand to improve your sales!… READ MORE

What’s up Inner Strength listeners (and viewers, if you’re watching this Facebook Live video)? Now, you know I love and appreciate you. So I’m going to give you some medicine that is good for you – in your best interest – that you may not like.READ MORE

Albert Lasker was an American businessman and philanthropist who played a major role in shaping modern advertising. He insisted advertising copy should actively sell rather than simply informing, coining the term ‘salesmanship in print’.READ MORE

Today’s show is about something so many people face when undertaking a job search, especially when they are unprepared. You might think, “Well, Lisa, that’s not me. I’ve listened to and followed all of your podcasts.”
First, great!READ MORE

Today’s podcast is 7 “lost” Email Players rules. I thought I did these 7 I had written down before we burned down the elBenbo’s Apprentice (my short lived membership site a couple years ago) house.… READ MORE

This was an interesting little experiment.
One of my knights decided to use his copywriting and marketing skills to sift through
millions of women online to try and find “the one.”
In the process the whole kit and caboodle went viral.… READ MORE

We’re opening with a BANG!
Nick Peterson and Jonathan Montgomery are your hosts and you’re listening to Relentless Podcast. The show that’s all about cultivating the highest quality of life by getting a little bit better every-single-day.… READ MORE

There’s two really straight forward benefit to charging more for your services…you make more money and your clients get better results!
But is it possible to charge more for what you’re already doing without massively changing what you offer?READ MORE

Do you ever struggle to keep certain tasks on your radar while others get done with ease?
Or do you find yourself with an idea a minute and no time to accomplish them all?
Today you will learn exactly how to create the time and space to get things done.… READ MORE

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