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Have you ever wondered what it takes to land a c-level role?
In today’s podcast you’ll discover the six steps that can take you there.
These six steps will better your chances of moving from an executive to C-level role within the organization.READ MORE


Jean is joined once again by the master of podcasting himself, Jonathan Rivera.
Jonathan is no stranger when it comes to growing wildly profitable online businesses for himself and his clients. The main reason he’s seen such phenomenal results in the past all comes down to first understanding who his target audience is.READ MORE

I’ve never heard ANYBODY say this.
I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds when I heard it.
And it changed my life in an instant. REALLY.
Because this problem has taunted me my entire life.… READ MORE

T Mummy and C Nanny (aka the Smartest Guys In Marketing) are back in the house today talking all things Money.
The filthy and down right dirty subject that many people have an unhealthy relationship with.READ MORE

Here’s the cold hard truth:
Your prospect doesn’t care.
She doesn’t care about you.
Your product.
Your life or anything it.
All she cares about is…
“Can you solve my problem? And if you can – HOW?”
Here’s how to answer this question in a way that gets people to want to learn more about what you do.… READ MORE

The majority of people are stuck in the thinking that making more money will create more greed and selfishness. It’s actually the complete opposite.
Making more money allows you provide more value and help more people.READ MORE

Ever notice that some people just seem to get lucky…overnight?
They appear out of thin air and just like creme, rise right to the top. Their content shoots to the top and get shared and mentioned all over the internet.READ MORE

Flourish and Thrive Live was so much fun we extended our recap from one episode to two!
I still can’t believe the event was almost a month ago, time seriously flies!
My amazing partner in crime, Robin Kramer, is back with us today, yay!… READ MORE

You know, I’ve always wondered why people like going to haunted houses intent on being scared around this time of year. I think I’ve got it figured out … PEOPLE LOVE FEAR! It’s true. There’s excitement in being afraid.READ MORE

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