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At the time of this episode, there’s 9 weeks left of 2017.
The time of year most businesses begin to reflect and start to think about the new year.
Setting goals the traditional way is a great foundation for success.READ MORE

On today’s podcast, I am going to share a bit of my personal journey and tell you a few things I wish I’d known when I started on the path to entrepreneurship.
If you are contemplating making the leap from corporate life to entrepreneurship, you won’t want to miss these lessons!READ MORE

You’ve seen that guy. You know, the overweight one who spends an hour on the elliptical machine going at a moderate to easy pace then as soon as he’s done heads to smoothie counter thinking he’s worked so hard, surely if just keeps at it, he’ll lose the weight.READ MORE

Can you believe it’s already December??
Honestly, I love this time of year!
It gives you a chance to reflect on what happened throughout the year, and really envision what you want to create for next year.… READ MORE

Part two of the all insightful interview with copywriting and marketing expert, Roy Furr. A ‘must listen’ episode if you want to improve the results of your nonprofit organization. If you missed part one, catch the replay right here.READ MORE

Sonya Stattmann, a personal client of Chris and Taylor is today’s special guest on the Traffic and Funnels ™ show. Sonya helps female coaches, consultants and experts to make more impact in the world whilst creating consistent income with high-ticket packages.READ MORE

Similar to last week’s show, there’s a growing vibe that someone’s about to be fired. Who’s getting fired? In this scenario, it’s your boss. No big deal for you, right? Uhhh … no.READ MORE

Today’s podcast obnoxiously explains the foolishness of being a cheapskate, why trying to “save money” is the new expensive, and a few of the people I hire out work to (who are not cheap).… READ MORE


In today’s episode, Taylor gets real, ignites the FIRE and gives you the answer as to why you’re not where you want to be in life.
It all comes down to your daily choices – they’re either taking you way off course or driving you towards a life you deserve.… READ MORE

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