“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

Creating new content to keep up with your digital marketing can feel like a full time job.
I’m guessing you didn’t become a jewelry designer so you could write blog posts and Instagram captions 24/7?… READ MORE

“It’s too expensive.”
“It’s not the right time.”
“I’ve got to run it past my spouse first.”
You’ve most certainly heard some of these common objections from your prospects. Understanding how to successfully address and knock down each objection is a fundamental skill for helping people achieve significant levels of success.… READ MORE

This week’s (very short) podcast reveals a secret publication (no longer in print, but easily accessible today) that was the secret weapon of one of history’s greatest copywriters.


Go to www.AgentOnfire.com and Download Your FREE Copy of “7 Listing Secrets”
Shaquille O’Neal; regarded as one of the most dominant athletes in Basketball history. Towering at a staggering 7 ft, weighing in at 360 pounds and an enormous size 23 shoe, this superstar sure knows how to dunk a basket.… READ MORE

As a holistic health practitioner, you’ve probably heard many different opinions on business and marketing strategies.
When you’re passionate about your practice, it’s so hard to know who to listen to—after all, the decisions you make determine the success or failure of your mission.… READ MORE

The word ‘risk’ means there’s a possibility you won’t receive a return on your investment – whether that’s time or money.
In your business, as a hungry entrepreneur looking to grow, risks need to be taken into account – especially the ones you’re going to learn about in this episode.… READ MORE

A word of warning:
When I recorded this I was in the midst of an almost crippling bout of depression.
So yeah, my perception was skewed to the negative.
However… the facts back me up.
And it is NOT pretty.… READ MORE

If you’re in online marketing, you know marketers constantly rip off each other.
Once an idea or a marketing strategy makes money in one market, competitors swarm to replicate the idea and implement it for themselves—the zero-sum game called “Funnelhacking”.… READ MORE

When it comes to business, there are very few companies on earth that blatantly outperform the competition.
Since 1964, Chick-fil-A has been the home of the original chicken sandwich and manages to generate more revenue per location than any other fast food chain in the U.S.… READ MORE

As an entrepreneur, you mainly do one thing for a living: You make decisions.
If you make the right decisions, your business becomes your version of success and grants you the freedom you deserve.
The wrong decisions lead to a success you hate, disgruntled employees and clients choosing your competition.… READ MORE

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