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Entrepreneurs are like the modern-day rock stars and the thought of being one is extremely appealing to many.
But few agents actually know the real truth about entrepreneurship.… READ MORE

This week’s podcast is the first of a two part series showing you 24 ways (this episode has the first 12) to triple (or more) your sales.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Taylor gets real, ignites the FIRE and gives you the answer as to why you’re not where you want to be in life.
It all comes down to your daily choices – they’re either taking you way off course or driving you towards a life you deserve.… READ MORE

I got mad R-E-S-P-E-C-T for my guest this week on Off The Chain.
He’s a true bootstrap entrepreneur.
Ad he’s one of the few guys with the balls to do what I’ve recommended to thousands of wannapreneurs… yet have only seen a handful actually do it.… READ MORE

Most business owners have them in one way or another—goals.
Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t reach their goals because they don’t know where to start.
Instead of executing to translate their vision into reality, they get stuck.… READ MORE

Time is your most valuable asset. No matter what you do, you can’t buy it back. Unlike money and other resources, you can’t SPEND time then go and earn more of it. It’s not there to buy, rent or borrow.… READ MORE

You’ve probably seen a lot of books, courses and coaches in entrepreneur communities.
But at some point, we all have to take action and get things going.
In this episode, you learn how Dr. Joi took action and generated $11k in collected cash within just 24 hours of launching.… READ MORE

You ever notice that no matter who you ask, “pizza” seems to be their favorite food? I sort of think it might be the key to world peace as we get people to focus on that which we have in common. But this isn’t an episode about food or foreign relations.… READ MORE


Secret formula for success?
Although there’s no tactic’ or ‘special button’ to attain success, there are 5 key principles to live by….which is pretty close to magic. The same grounding foundations that have taken Chris and Taylor from zero to a $5 million business….overnight…..just kidding.… READ MORE

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