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Today’s Traffic and Funnels ™ episode contains all the key takeaways from a recent mastermind in Austin, Texas. Listen in to learn some of the essential tools and tactics  that 6 -7 figure entrepreneurs are using right now to scale their business – and how you can do the same.  READ MORE

Don’t know which online business to start? On today’s episode, Marquel answers one of the questions sent to him by a subscriber: What online businesses are TRULY viable? Tune in and explore the 4 different businesses you can dive into!READ MORE

Once upon a time in a distant land of Corporate America lived a young man.
He worked for a Pay Per Click advertising agency.
He was very passionate about proving himself and so he studied the art and science of PPC vigorously until he mastered it.… READ MORE

Ever considered giving up on your business? Maybe it feels like you’re pushing up the wrong mountain and not gaining any momentum?
Sometimes, in business, knowing when to stop is the better option.READ MORE

On today’s episode, James Newberry talks with his sister Diane about suffering and the importance of flavor in your marketing. Make sure you listen to the full episode to hear James’s important announcement and what he has planned in the very near future.… READ MORE

Why do you quit on the things you don’t want to quit on? The human strength expert Kyle Newell talks about the popular topic of burnout. Tune in for some classic insights, so that you too may also discover why you quit!READ MORE

It’s time to celebrate!
We love all things birthday here at Flourish & Thrive…and on July 5th we are celebrating F&TA’s 5th birthday!
This is also our 100th episode of Thrive by Design, which is super awesome they fall on (almost) the same day!!!… READ MORE

Meet Josh.
Josh (not real name) is a VIP client of mine.
He’s been struggling with internet marketing programs for years.
And now that he finally found me, he pulled no punches.
He went through the list building training I gave him, set up his Aweber list and his email follow up.… READ MORE

There’s one interview question candidates fear the most, and that is the elusive “So, tell me about yourself…”
It doesn’t matter how far up the ladder you’ve climbed, everyone hates it, but the way you react to it and the answer you give can be extremely telling of your ability for an executive role.READ MORE

I’ve just posted one of the most Valuable podcast episodes I’ve recorded to date about some of the persuasion secrets I learned from one of the world’s top firearm and concealed carry instructors (according to many law enforcement experts, people in the military who know him, and, yes, the “evil” NRA who named him their top instuctor).… READ MORE

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