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Today I’m going to get all up in your head. Don’t worry … This mindset lobotomy won’t hurt a bit–unless you’re one of those people we talked about last time who is constantly giving their power away.READ MORE

I’ll admit it, I love learning new things!
I’m always on the hunt for a new business book or podcast.
Plus, I can’t help but share my favorite finds with friends and biz besties!
Today I put together my ultimate reading list that will totally blow your mind.… READ MORE

Today’s podcast is the second part of the inner-game part of business, where, if you don’t get this, no amount of investing in products, seminars, books, training whatever will do you even a lick of good.… READ MORE

Haters: The people who try and sabotage your success and burn you to the ground.
They can’t stand to see your progress and worse, succeed. But the ‘weird’ truth is that you NEED more haters to reach your life goals.… READ MORE

Listen, it’s hard to quadruple ANY business in only 3 years.
But super duper hard to do that with an already established and successful business
doing $50 million a year.
But that’s exactly what one of my clients did.… READ MORE

Getting better every single day.
Instead of adding more cr*p to your already overcrowded plate, why not start with learning what you can cut out…
…And it usually starts with eradicating guilt and shame.… READ MORE

One of the best ways to attract dream clients is through your content. Content that is not only original but highly valuable and above all actionable. Clients will see you as their go-to expert if you’re the coach providing high-quality content that gets them results.… READ MORE

Most of us are misdiagnosing our exhaustion. We feel tired but we think it’s because we’re not getting enough exercise…or maybe its age… or maybe its hormonal.
So we shrug our shoulders and refuel mid-day with coffee or sugar.… READ MORE

Chris and Taylor chat with special guest and client; Trisha Mandes.
Trisha is an expert nutritionist who specializes in sustainable weight loss for people who have tried everything else and failed.… READ MORE

So many designers ask me how to focus on what really matters in business.
It can be hard, and I’ll admit I used to get distracted super easily and it hurt my sales because I couldn’t stay on track!
Which is why I love doing, Ask Tracy Q&A on the podcast!… READ MORE

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