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If you asked almost all successful people who their mentors were, you can guarantee they’d reel off a list of influential people who have transformed their thinking, ideas, careers, and actions. Many of these mentors may not be alive today, but their legacies live on through the words they’ve written.… READ MORE

Well, here we are … the 100th Unlocking Your Inner Strength episode. Some might call it amazing, but – inline with what we’ll chat about today – this episode is the result of consistency and stacking.… READ MORE

Burnout is a worldwide problem for entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs, and it can occur for many reasons; an incorrect vision, focusing on the wrong things, and falling into the ‘busy trap’ to name but a few.… READ MORE

Without rest, we can easily fall into the trap of running ourselves into the ground headed for burnout. As a society, we’re addicted to speed, but sometimes, intentionally slowing down is what delivers rapid progress over the long-term.… READ MORE

Time flies so fast, Flourish & Thrive Academy is 6 years old!
On our birthday, we like to reflect on lessons we learned over the years and what we want to pass on to you in your business!
The biggest favor you can do for yourself is make your business work for you!… READ MORE

Go to www.AgentOnfire.com and Download Your FREE Copy of “7 Listing Secrets”
The latest dose of fear mongering is designed to get you to read between the headlines. But being the successful agent you are, you must understand that there is always going to be a place for a full service listing agent.… READ MORE

Today’s podcast concludes my 4-part “Mount Rushmore” (hat tip to the great Brian Kurtz for the analogy) of people who get most of the credit (or blame…) for any success I’ve had.
The first 3 were Matt Furey, Gary Bencivenga, and Ken McCarthy.… READ MORE

It’s true.
I learned one of the best “make lots of money” lessons when I was a street cop.
And I learned it by observing a homeless crack addict.
In spite of those disadvantages, this guy earned more money that most doctors.… READ MORE

When you first get into marketing, it’s easy to feel like your goal is miles away. People say you need all sorts of technology, tools, software, sophisticated marketing strategy, several up, down and cross-sells, a mentor and whatever else they’re trying to sell you at the moment.… READ MORE

Running your own business isn’t a walk in the park – and neither is raising and running a family. For many moms, starting a business and becoming a ‘mompreneur’ means creating a better life for their kids.… READ MORE

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