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If you’re goal is to build a profitable online business, then your foundations to success are first found in specifically identifying your target audience and tailoring everything you do accordingly.READ MORE

In today’s episode, James is joined by special guest Dan Grey to talk about the untold story of the forgotten soldier: Joe Hooper.
Hooper was one of the most dedicated and decorated soldiers in American history serving his time in both the U.S Navy and Army.READ MORE

At the top of the skill set for any C-Suite position is recognizing and navigating change. A required quality that enables you to do that successfully is strategic, curious thinking, and this can only come from a healthy sense of curiosity.READ MORE

If you’re anything like most people I talk to – you hate selling.
But you want to be rich.
That’s like wanting to have sex but hating to date.
You can’t do one without the other (excluding prostitution, of course).… READ MORE

The latest podcast is up online, where I help lift the indebted out of being slaves to their lenders, and do it in a fast, and efficient way.… READ MORE

Better to be safe than sorry.
A common phrase used by the majority of people in the world today.
The elusive idea of having a safety net under everything you do in order to reach your goals are massively flawed.READ MORE

I was feeling good…
In fact… in spite of being a graying 52 year old, no-longer- handsome guy… I was feeling that macho swagger again.
Like back in the day… if ya know what I mean.… READ MORE

In the second part of this step towards building your own profitable online business, Jean is joined by special guest Alvaro Baturone; A personal coach in the relationship niche helping people overcome emotional obstacles and creating a fulfilling life.READ MORE

It’s the most important part of your email.
Get it right and your list will reward you with opens, click and sales.
Blow it and kiss your profits good bye!
Are you making these common subject line mistakes?… READ MORE

As technology advances in an ever evolving digital world, so to do the possibilities for communicating with your prospects and customers.
Email marketing is one of your business’s greatest assets and you should never lose sight of this.READ MORE

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