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Secret formula for success?
Although there’s no tactic’ or ‘special button’ to attain success, there are 5 key principles to live by….which is pretty close to magic. The same grounding foundations that have taken Chris and Taylor from zero to a $5 million business….READ MORE

In today’s episode of the Results Over BS Podcast, Marquel shares with you one of the most important pieces of information when it comes to building an online business.
In fact, once you master the one skill in today’s episode, you’ll quickly find yourself slashing your learning curve and the time it takes you to reach success in half…possibly more.READ MORE

It’s a list builders wet dream.
Write an email, hit send and watch the commissions roll in.
But it hardly ever works out that way.
Most times, the email bombs and you walk away empty handed.
What’s the secret to writing killer solo ad swipes?… READ MORE

Most children are brought up to believe that their parents always know. Often times, they’re right – but only until they grow up and realise all the junk they’ve been brainwashed with over the years when it comes to beliefs around money…
‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ – ‘I’m not made of money’ – ‘We can’t afford this
You’ve most probably come across similar phrases of negativity that have most probably skewed your views and beliefs around money.READ MORE

Red flags. The markers that flash, blink and sound like alarms. You simply cannot ignore them. It’s only when we take stance and look back are we able to see clearly where things began to go pear shaped.READ MORE

What do JFK, cardio equipment and and breakfast cereals have in common? On the surface, you might think, nothing! But mention any of these and it’s a good way to get my immediate attention. Why? Because I love a good conspiracy theory.READ MORE

Email inbox getting out of hand?
You’re not alone!
One way to connect with customers in a non-email way is setting up Facebook Messenger automatic replies…or bots!
Like robots.
Yes, we have arrived to the future of business and it’s filled with automation because time is so important!… READ MORE

As an online business, deciding which communication channels to use can be challenging. Many businesses try to ‘do it all’ and are shocked and confused when they don’t get the results they’d hoped for.READ MORE

She might not be ready to go all the way.
Say the wrong thing, and you lose her forever.
You’ve got to start where she is.
Then lead her to the climax.
Coax your prospect from total stranger to satisfied client by taking her through the 5 stages of prospect seduction.… READ MORE

Most executives and professionals are uncomfortable tooting their own horn at work. They don’t want to brag or don’t want coworkers to think they’re putting others down by promoting themselves.
But the simple truth is, you DO need to self promote if you want to stay relevant for new opportunities.READ MORE

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