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The only way you can truly protect yourself from job loss is if you pretend you’re fired today! It is the best path for you to always be working, have career continuity and avoiding gaps between employment.READ MORE

Making big money with tiny lists.
It’s the unicorn of online marketing.
People know how it looks like but they have never seen it done.
This stops today as my man Michelangelo Lopez joins us.
He has done the impossible.… READ MORE

The concept of “equality” has as much basis in reality as Middle Earth
This week’s podcast is locked and loaded.
It’s 7 more “Email Players” rules, including why equality is a myth and other truisms that will bring you peace and joy in a world of chaos and angst.… READ MORE

In today’s short insightful episode, the Beast gives you his take on the word ‘hustle’ and why there’s no such thing as an ‘overnight success’.
Back in the late spring of 2016, Dan and his team of crazy entrepreneurs organised the aptly named ‘The Best Marketing Event Ever’.READ MORE

Dreaming up an idea for a smartphone app…
…outsourcing all the work to some programming geek in India for a few hundred bucks…
…then sitting back as copious quantities of cashola are crammed into your corpulent coffers…
…and you become a CASH MILLIONAIRE.… READ MORE

Admission time:
I didn’t speak to my wife for two whole days.
There was a small communication gap that made both of us fight for no reason.
But in all my glory I fixed the problem using a simple but highly effective principle of human psychology.… READ MORE

In today’s show, the human strength expert Kyle Newell discusses the importance of releasing bottled-up emotions for a healthy body.
Here are the show highlights of Take a Page from ‘Falling Down’:

Releasing bottled-up emotions (1:50)
Meet the alter ego (2:36)
Tension myositis syndrome (4:17)
The Divided Mind by Doctor John (5:24)

Premise behind TMS (5:53)
Pain that diverts attention (7:30)
Mind map principles with pain (7:53)

Psychomotor medicine (10:18)
Getting defensive (11:29)
Kyle’s piece of advice (13:36)

Releasing Bottled-up Emotions
Kyle recalls the movie titled Falling Down starring Michael Douglas.READ MORE

Wondering how to stand out on Facebook can cause some serious stress, confusion and overwhelm.
Can you relate?
You’re not alone!
With changing algorithms and fan pages, Facebook especially can be a tough nut to crack.… READ MORE

Timing is Everything
On our last episode, James discussed James Ogilvy. Mr. Ogilvy had written a letter on behalf of the UNCF. In 1968 tensions were high. There were racial riots, the Chicago Riots, RFK had been assassinated and MLK as well.READ MORE

If you’re a high achieving CIO or an IT leader, today’s episode is the one for you.

You’ll discover six ways to write an achievement based resume so you can outshine your competition and always be the candidate that gets the interviews.READ MORE

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