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If you want to get better every day, environment is everything.
It affects and influences how we think, believe and live or life.
Consider this; why were you born? What is it that you’ve been put on this planet to achieve?… READ MORE

Being ‘selfish’ is almost always seen as a negative thing. Most believe it’s caring only about yourself and disregarding others. But this couldn’t be further from the truth as you’ll find out in this episode.… READ MORE

There is a voice inside your head that is trying to shut down your dreams. If you let it win, it’s a voice that will hold you back and keep you playing small even when you’re capable of so much more.
Today, we’ll talk about what that voice is REALLY trying to tell you when you’re edging beyond your comfort zone…and why you probably shouldn’t listen if you want to fulfill your potential.… READ MORE

Want to turn your passion for jewelry design into a “real” career?
Not sure where to start?
The best way to grow your business is to get the right customers!
On today’s episode I’m chatting about how to stop attracting bargain shoppers!… READ MORE

Continuing on with the theme of mindset shifting before we get into the nitty-gritty of the four non-negotiable supplements I believe you should be taking every day, today’s episode packs some hard-core preperation knowledge.READ MORE

This week’s podcast reveals some of the secret methods one of the most popular burger joints in the world uses to get rabid fans and customers that travel across states to visit, that can also be used for business selling online.… READ MORE

I worked with a trainer to help me get back in shape.
Because this guy knows how to do it.
Cuz at one time he was a grossly obese 260 lbs… and could barely climb 4 or 5 stairs without having to stop and catch his breath.… READ MORE

Nick Peterson and Jonathan Montgomery help you explore, recognize and understand the higher level consequences to make higher level decisions.
The majority of people living in the world today greatly overweight the first level of consequence when a decision has to be made.… READ MORE

Happiness is a weird thing – especially for entrepreneurs.
The truth is, most entrepreneurs live their lives fighting ongoing fires feeling constantly overwhelmed. They have a hard time not only ‘being’ happy but accepting that they’re even allowed to feel great!… READ MORE

There are areas in your life where you do not need to tolerate discomfort, where you have choices. However, there are other areas of your life where you do need to get comfortable being uncomfortable.
Discomfort is a sign of growth.… READ MORE

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