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While niche marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies available for financial advisors looking to differentiate and scale…
There’s a big, fat problem with niche marketing:
It is not an overnight cure for your lack-of-clients or lack-of-cash-flow problems, despite what you hear marketing gurus peddling.… READ MORE

There is a truly golden opportunity lurking beneath the surface in the financial advising industry right now:
A record 4.1 million Americans will turn 65 this year. And this isn’t just a temporary blip, it’s a wave that’s set to continue for years.… READ MORE

The financial advice industry is going through some major changes thanks to the advancement of technology happening at breakneck speeds.
And there are three key things that will rule the future of financial advice.… READ MORE

Some of the most talented financial advisors have a fatal flaw that allows mediocre advisors surpass their success, wealth, and client roster:
They overcomplicate their marketing strategy!
The truth is, sometimes the most impactful marketing secrets are so obvious they fly over financial advisors’ heads.… READ MORE

There is an endless amount of coaches, consultants, gurus, and lead gen agencies doling out their advice to innocent financial advisors.
But there’s one tiny problem with this…
None of their “advice” is backed by any sort of research, not even, in many cases, anecdotal evidence!… READ MORE

Most financial advisors believe that there’s a one-size-fits-all solution to marketing.
Not only is this true, but it’s dangerous.
Well, it results in smart, hard-working, and honest financial advisors falling victim to marketing myths that, at best, cap their wealth, and at worst, sabotages their entire business.… READ MORE

As a financial advisor, no matter how experienced you are, it’s always easier to learn from others’ mistakes than commit them yourself.
The same is true for learning from other advisors’ successes too.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors, especially American advisors, complicate their marketing strategies to the point that they never implement them.
But marketing can be simple. And the simplicity of your marketing strategy actually increases the chances of its success.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors rob themselves blind every time they meet with their best clients because they don’t simply ask for referrals.
Why don’t they ask?
Well, most advisors don’t know the correct words and phrases to say to make their clients want to send you referrals.… READ MORE

There are downright shocking statistics about how much debt the average person has… and you’d be mistaken if you think this also doesn’t apply to financial advisors.
It’s the height of hypocrisy when you’re teaching others how to manage their money, but can’t manage your own.… READ MORE

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