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In today’s episode, we discuss practical leadership strategies with our guest Sabby Ray, former head of insurance operations at Corebridge Financial.
Sabby shares his experiences on managing teams with empathy, simplifying processes, and empowering employees.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, host Greg Giuliano engages with Julie Person, a seasoned executive in the biotech world grappling with VUCA challenges daily.
Discover how clarity, positive flexibility, and heartfelt connections within teams can be your secret weapons in navigating uncertain landscapes.… READ MORE

Welcome to the Ultra Leadership podcast. Today’s episode features Jason Wilcox, the CTO at Source Advisors, who brings a wealth of experience from the technology sector, and a personal passion for landscape photography.… READ MORE

Join Greg in a thought-provoking conversation with Dvir Shapira, Chief Product Officer at Venn, as they explore the intriguing world of influencing without authority.
Gain valuable insights into the challenges of leading without hierarchical power, and discover practical strategies for fostering collaboration and teamwork across different functions in an organization.… READ MORE

In this episode of Ultra Leadership, host Greg Giuliano engages in a compelling conversation with guest Shawn Wing, Vice President of People Experience at Western Digital.
They uncover the challenges of leading organizations through transformation.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Greg Giuliano sits down with Brian Sherman, the executive vice president and chief people officer for Delta Dental of California and its affiliates.
They discuss the impact of leaders, the challenges of leading change, and the practices that can elevate team performance.… READ MORE

Join host Greg Giuliano as he sits down with Dan McAllister, the SVP for Global Alliances and Channels at Boomi. Together, they peel back the layers of Dan’s impressive 20-year career, uncovering the invaluable lessons he’s learned while steering through organizational change.… READ MORE

Get ready for an engaging and insightful episode of the Ultra Leadership podcast. Host Greg Giuliano engages in a fascinating conversation with Tony Chimera, the Chief Talent Officer at Westfield Specialty.… READ MORE

In this episode of Ultra Leadership, Greg Giuliano sits down with Karen Clark, the Chief People Officer at Viably, for an in-depth exploration of leading change and cultivating ultra leadership.
Get ready to uncover the keys to successful organizational transformation and how to navigate the dynamic landscape of change.… READ MORE

Get ready for an insightful episode on the Ultra Leadership podcast. Greg is joined by guest, Diana Massaro, Chief Marketing Officer at Skyhigh Security. With over two decades of experience in global SaaS organizations, Diana discusses the nuances of leadership and the common mistakes of first-time leaders.… READ MORE

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