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Attending conferences helps you stay on the forefront of your industry… and it’s the best place to meet people who can help you move forward in your field.

In today’s podcast you’re going to find out what you should do BEFORE you attend any event and the best way to follow up with anyone you meet.

Applying what you hear today will enable you to genuinely nurture your network and keep it primed for when you need it most.

Show highlights:

  • The single most important thing you should do BEFORE going to any conference. (3:44)
  • How to use roster of speakers and sponsors to make meaningful connections. (4:46)
  • The most efficient way to use social media when preparing for a conference. (5:17)
  • How to “open the chat” with somebody you just met. (6:08)
  • What you should do on LinkedIn AFTER the conference. (6:49)
  • How to make people you meet at conferences remember you. (6:58)

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Lisa Rangel

Lisa Rangel is the Chief Executive Resume Writer and CEO of ChameleonResumes.com, a Forbes Top 100 Career Website. She is an Official LinkedIn Moderator and she has been featured on Fast Company, BBC, Business Insider, Investor’s Business Daily, Fox Business News, Yahoo Finance, US News & World Report, and numerous media outlets. She is the creator of ResumeCheatSheet.com and LinkedinCheatSheet.com.

Lisa Rangel


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