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You don’t need to be a web developer to make simple changes to your website.
If you’re intimidated by the technical stuff, it’s can be pretty affordable to make changes to a Shopify template and make it look super custom and robust!… READ MORE

There’s a difference between having a hobby and running a profitable jewelry business.
Here at Flourish & Thrive Academy, we give you the tools to figure out if you want a jewelry business – and how to build a profitable one if the answer is yes!… READ MORE

Networking events can really change the direction of your business.
It’s not just the training and insight you get from the speakers and panelists!
Meeting other people in your industry is a great way to boost your creativity, create connections, and get you motivated to set new goals!… READ MORE

Feeling left out from our live event from 2017?
Maybe you were there, but want a little refresher!
This episode is giving you a behind the scenes look at the awesome marketing panel we had last year!
You can listen in on our Q&A with PR experts, Robin & myself, FB ads experts, and a few influencers in the media!… READ MORE

Our most popular episodes are usually about accounting, tax, insurance, and legal requirements.
Because most jewelry designers have no clue where to start when it comes to setting up their accounting, inventory, and corporate structure.… READ MORE

Creating new content to keep up with your digital marketing can feel like a full time job.
I’m guessing you didn’t become a jewelry designer so you could write blog posts and Instagram captions 24/7?… READ MORE

Time flies so fast, Flourish & Thrive Academy is 6 years old!
On our birthday, we like to reflect on lessons we learned over the years and what we want to pass on to you in your business!
The biggest favor you can do for yourself is make your business work for you!… READ MORE

Starting your own retail store in this day and age might sound crazy.
But when you focus on your customers and what they really want, you can create a great retail experience and a profitable business.
You can add a retail section onto your studio so people can come in and see people creating the jewelry while they shop!… READ MORE

Growing your jewelry business starts with growing brand awareness.
If people don’t know who you are, they can’t fall in love with your jewelry!
The best way to get noticed by your dream client is by getting your jewelry featured by the press – especially during the holidays!… READ MORE

Conflict resolution is a big part of leading your team professionally.
When you do this right, you breed a culture of accountability, trust, and support.
But when you get this wrong, you can create a culture or blame, miscommunication, and resentment.… READ MORE

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