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Creative business owners know the struggle… AMIRIGHT?
You wake up early to knock out your “to-do” list and before you know it, it’s 2:30pm and you’re still responding to emails and following up with a order that came in last night.… READ MORE

As a creative business owner, you probably have lots of ideas!
It’s easy for you to say “yes” to new projects and fun ways to serve your customers.
The trouble is, when you start saying “yes” too much, and you get in over your head!… READ MORE

Do you get the feeling you’re meant for something more?
Maybe your current job pays the bills, but it’s nothing more than that.
You’re ready to explore earning a living doing something you’re passionate about!… READ MORE

Lots of jewelry designers get started by setting up an Etsy shop!
Selling jewelry on Etsy is a really great way to get yourself out there, but getting noticed on Etsy is an art of its own.
If you’ve been feeling lost in a big sea of Etsy jewelry designers, you’re not alone!… READ MORE

Feeling stuck is a common struggle for jewelry makers trying to grow from side-hustle seller to full-time jewelry designer.
It seems like we’re getting a lot of questions about this lately from our online groups and comments.… READ MORE

Rich pins, shoppable pins, and promoted pins.
Do you know the difference?
If your answer is “um…what?” you’re not alone!
We’re getting a bunch of questions about how to grow your Pinterest account lately.… READ MORE

Etsy traffic fluctuates.
It’s not like having a personal website where you can control content and SEO settings, but it’s a great starting point to get some exposure for your jewelry brand!
Maybe you noticed, they’re using location in their SEO now, so local shops get featured when you search.… READ MORE

Copywriting for a jewelry business is different from typical “online marketing” copywriting.
Selling physical products means you gotta have a lot of great words to paint a picture of your customers wearing your jewelry!… READ MORE

It might sound crazy, but it really is time to start focusing on your Q4 jewelry sales!
Since most jewelry designers make the majority of their sales during the Holiday season (Q4), it’s super important!… READ MORE

“Seems like you can’t throw a rock without hitting a jewelry maker…how am I gonna stand out?”
Ever ask yourself this question?
I sure have.
Being in the jewelry industry, it’s super easy to overthink this.… READ MORE

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