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Pulling off a profitable promotion?
It’s definitely within your power!
Some designers get discouraged when they run a promo and don’t see tons of sales.
You might be feeling like promotions can’t work for you.… READ MORE

Owning a jewelry business is FUN!
Being a jewelry designer, myself, I know as well as you…
There isn’t anything better than getting an email from a client gushing over the new piece they just bought!… READ MORE


Do you have email list envy?
It’s really true what they say, “The money is in the list”
Whether you’re starting from zero or have a loyal base of customers, everyone can use a little help growing their email list.… READ MORE

As a jewelry designer, you can’t help but notice it on everyone.
For you, red carpets are not so much about music, movies, or culture…it’s all about the jewelry!
Can I get a hellz yeah?!
I can totally relate.… READ MORE

We’ve all been there.
Your business is getting up and running, you have consistent sales, and everything’s just peachy!
It’s exciting!
Then you get a Cease and Desist letter in the mail.

Having a jewelry business these days sort of requires you to double as a marketing guru.
Or at least it definitely feels that way sometimes!
You’re learning new terms like “sales funnel” “pixel” and “brand assets”
The big one I’m always hearing about is “website traffic.”
All this really means one thing; finding people who love your jewelry and getting them to buy!READ MORE

It’s no secret. Everyone is pretty much hanging out on Facebook.
So it’s naturally a really good way to connect with those DREAM Clients who’re gonna love your jewelry!
Because of the ever-changing algorithms…posting on your fan page every day isn’t going to cut it like it used to.… READ MORE

Have you ever wondered to yourself,
How are other jewelry designers running their business?
Do you wish you could peek over the shoulder of a super successful six-figure designer and get a glimpse of how they’re getting sales and exposure?… READ MORE

There are three things in life. The things you know, the things you don’t know, and the thingsyou don’t know you don’t know.
That last one can get you into serious trouble!
It was also me about 7 years ago when my first business failed and I started over with and launched a new business, my custom jewelry brand..… READ MORE

The jewelry world is full of clutter and noise.
Because of that, it’s become increasingly more challenging to stand out and grab your DREAM client’s attention, especially online.
That’s why YOUR ability to create an immediate and long term connection with the right customers is the difference between having crap sales and easily finding the perfect customers 24/7.… READ MORE

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