“Professionally Produced Podcasting That Outranks The Competition”

Ever wonder how self destructive or addictive behavior starts?

Then you’ll find my tête-à- tête with psychologist and top online marketer, Dr. Glenn

Livingston quite revealing.

This is some deep psychological stuff… but simplified so even my dense and slightly

demented noggin can grasp it.… READ MORE

And that’s only ONE myth that was busted.

My guest, a psychologist and top online marketer, Dr. Glenn Livingston, also revealed

some shocking things about psychology practices that are also bullshit.… READ MORE

Eavesdrop on me brainstorming with Agora superstar…

Finally… if you’ve been waiting with baited breath…

Here’s part 2 of my interview with Agora Financial marketing superstar Katie Vogel.… READ MORE


With practically zero experience… you get a gig with one of the biggest direct response

marketers in the world…

Then you have to be their “go to” person for traffic generation via multichannel (online

and offline) marketing.… READ MORE

Give me just 10 seconds in your ear buds.

A mere 10 seconds.

And in that brief moment you shall discover the secret to making six-figures a year as a fiction author.

Because a brilliant lady of whom I am enamored will share exactly that.READ MORE

Do you like to write about hanky panky?

Well would ya if you were paid six figures a year to do it?

That exactly what my guest on the latest episode of “Off The Chain” has figured out.

She’s a self-published author earning six figures a year writing “naughty novels.”

And I was fascinated.… READ MORE

Email is the bane of my existence.

Because it’s NEVER complete.

Or so it seems.

And it’s always such a time suck.

Well I’ve found the solution.

Actually, my guest found the solution.

He has a system for checking your email a lot less.READ MORE

Call it what you will…

For the pragmatic… setting a goal, being persistent and accomplishing it. (That sounds

like a lot work, doesn’t it?)

For the Pentecostals… name it and claim it.… READ MORE

Russell Brunson was my guest on “Off The Chain” recently.

Part One was released last week. Part Two is available now.

Fascinating stuff…

Russell revealed all the details of how he rapidly built Clickfunnels into an 8-figure

business using just one secret.… READ MORE

Russell Brunson dropped by recently (on Skype) to talk to the Canine Crew and me.

And he revealed some things he rarely talks about publicly.

Like how 1/3 of his income comes from OFFLINE marketing… even though everybody thinks of him as just an online marketer.READ MORE

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