“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

My faithful producer Jonathan, AKA Joe Nation, totally got me off on a tangent.
And I think you’ll be glad he did.
Because it got me to reveal the NUMERO UNO secret for generating maximum revenues
in any business.… READ MORE

You can have anything you want in life with one of THESE three.
And yes, it really IS that simple.
My guest Sean McCool revealed all the deets on the latest Off The Chain podcast.
He’s sharing the process of taking something from the metaphysical and creating it in the physical.… READ MORE

Not my words.
Those were the words of my guest on this week’s episode of Off The Chain.
After fighting it out tooth and nail with the best copywriters in the world of financial copywriting…
Sean McCool created an easy, laid back life for himself by working with a DIFFERENT type of client.… READ MORE

Boy do I miss the good ole days.
Back when you could use Google Adwords to throw traffic at just about anything.
My oh my, how things have changed.
ESPECIALLY in the health market.
And if you’re selling any type of info product… or ESPECIALLY if you’re selling
supplements… ya better be hip to these changes.… READ MORE

Ever wonder how someone gets led away from a “real” job…
…like being a chiropractor…
…and gets sucked into the world of online marketing?
Well, you’re about to hear from one.… READ MORE

Ever wonder how self destructive or addictive behavior starts?
Then you’ll find my tête-à- tête with psychologist and top online marketer, Dr. Glenn
Livingston quite revealing.
This is some deep psychological stuff… but simplified so even my dense and slightly
demented noggin can grasp it.… READ MORE

And that’s only ONE myth that was busted.
My guest, a psychologist and top online marketer, Dr. Glenn Livingston, also revealed
some shocking things about psychology practices that are also bullshit.… READ MORE

Eavesdrop on me brainstorming with Agora superstar…
Finally… if you’ve been waiting with baited breath…
Here’s part 2 of my interview with Agora Financial marketing superstar Katie Vogel.… READ MORE

With practically zero experience… you get a gig with one of the biggest direct response
marketers in the world…
Then you have to be their “go to” person for traffic generation via multichannel (online
and offline) marketing.… READ MORE

Give me just 10 seconds in your ear buds.
A mere 10 seconds.
And in that brief moment you shall discover the secret to making six-figures a year as a fiction author.
Because a brilliant lady of whom I am enamored will share exactly that.READ MORE

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