“Professionally Produced Podcasting That Outranks The Competition”


Dreaming up an idea for a smartphone app…

…outsourcing all the work to some programming geek in India for a few hundred bucks…

…then sitting back as copious quantities of cashola are crammed into your corpulent coffers…

…and you become a CASH MILLIONAIRE.… READ MORE

Ever see those hypnotist stage acts?

The ones where they hypnotize people and have them do weird stuff……barking like dogs, strutting like chickens… getting spanked like monkeys?… READ MORE

My heart can be had for free… but my mind is only available for rent.

That’s why I only answer marketing questions from the knights in my Marketing Camelot. ’Cuz they pay me.

But every now and then it’s fun to answer other kinds of questions on my podcast.… READ MORE

Back in the day, before any schmuck with Garageband and a YouTube account could release an album, a no-name guitar teacher, Joe Satriani, had an idea.

He used the money he had left on a credit card to record his own instrumental album, and release it on his own record label, started from his kitchen table.… READ MORE

I recently had an interesting conversation with fellow Floridian, Jack Born.

Jack is a marketer who created is AW Pro Tools. It’s brilliant. It gives Aweber (the email program) some super duper kick ass list segmentation abilities.… READ MORE

I recently had an interesting conversation with fellow Floridian, Jack Born.

Jack is a marketer who has recently specialized in creating tools that solve problems for online marketers.

One of the tools he created is AW Pro Tools.… READ MORE

Guitar players are cruel.

But it’s kinda funny…

The ones who are the cruelest… and the meanest… are exactly the same as every other

critic in your life.

They ALL have something in common.… READ MORE

Get this…

The other day some punk 23-year- old kid asked my opinion.

He recently graduated from college… and like the bazillion other kids who went 6-

figures into debt for college… he can’t get a job.… READ MORE

Imagine this:

Your job has just been eliminated.

No matter how highfalutin it was… and how much of a big shot you were.

No matter if you were the CFO of Yada Yada Enterprises…

Or you were a bigshot attorney with some fancy pants law firm…

You’ve just been terminated.… READ MORE

I’ve got a secret.

A secret that has exponentially boosted my productivity.

Thereby simultaneously boosting my income… and happiness.

It’s a secret hidden within the movie “Rain Main” with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman.… READ MORE

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