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Being an entrepreneur requires you to think differently than the rest of the world.
Yet many try to apply their previously engrained ways of thinking and doing things.
You can make progress with that.… READ MORE

Yeah, I know.
You don’t have the time you need to get everything done.
Like I used to say to all the mentals I had to deal with on the police department…
I believe that YOU believe that.
Truth is, you don’t have a time management problem.… READ MORE

And it works almost instantly.
You’re about to hear the story of Krebiozen.
And how this secret not only cures cancer… it can bring you riches beyond belief.
Heck, it can bring you ANYTHING your heart desires.… READ MORE

How Liquor.com was founded back in the Wild, Wild West days of the Internet is a great study in “bootstrap entrepreneurism” paying off BIG time.
But the most interesting part is how and WHEN it paid off.… READ MORE

Marketing people treat the law of reciprocity like it’s marketing gospel.
Heck, some people base their entire business around it.
How about we examine what the biggest proponent… at least the most QUOTED
proponent of the law of reciprocity thinks about it, shall we?… READ MORE

There seems to be two types of business owners.
One makes money. (Sometimes.)
The other builds a business AND makes money.
Your mindset is what determines which of these you do.
It’s why most of the biggest names in the Internet Marketing world are no longer around.… READ MORE

My foray into bodybuilding was an initial 10-year journey of darn near ZERO progress.
In spite of training so damn hard I often burst blood vessels in my eyes. (That was part of the problem. But that’s a lesson for another time.)
Being an irrationally stubborn person, I persisted in training 4 to 6 days a week for 10 l-o-n- g years in spite of showing no progress.… READ MORE

Well, at least I will be for anybody who has read all this wonderful stuff about copywriting like…
“Work from the beach with nothing but your laptop…”
Or this one…
“Live a life of leisure writing only an hour or two per day and make MILLIONS in royalties.”
I’m about to throw a wet blanket on the whole deal.… READ MORE

Getting started is hard.
DAMN hard.
And staring at the blank page is painful.
Not just emotionally.
So THIS secret from a grizzled copywriting veteran and former stand up comedian was a MASSIVE breakthrough for me.… READ MORE

I was reminded of this copywriting secret recently from a brilliant marketer and copywriter, Sean D’Souza.
I just used it to finish a 6,000-word piece that looks like it’s gonna be a barn burner new control.… READ MORE

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