“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

There’s one thing I do that’s responsible for 99% of all the good stuff happening in my business right now.
It has led me to crazy profitable deals.
It constantly brings me cool people who want to become clients.… READ MORE

I recently got a HUGE wake-up call.
It shocked me into seeing that I’m stuck in a box.
And I’m not thinking NEARLY big enough.
See, there are some opportunities available today that can make you a BILLIONAIRE.… READ MORE

I’m going to share something different with you today.
Something that online marketers are going to find shocking.
It’s the #1 thing holding back ALL online marketers.
Bar none, it’s the BIGGEST impediment to your business growth and making more money.… READ MORE

What if you could simply wave your hand and whatever problem you’re dealing with would disappear immediately?
Wouldn’t that be nice?
Well I’ve found a way to do that.
It’s the same thing B-level copywriters use in their copy.… READ MORE

Since I’ve made multiple millions of dollars with my copy, I thought it would be easy for me to get on the phone to sell 4-figure, 5-figure and 6-figure stuff.
Not so.
The first time up to bat I got my ass handed to me.… READ MORE

I’ve made multiple millions with my copy.
But not too long ago I was getting my ass kicked trying to sell some high-ticket stuff over the phone.
Until I got some help from this guy.
I tracked him down and got him on the phone.… READ MORE

Getting just about everything you want depends on you being good at just one skill.
Sadly, it’s one skill most people completely suck at.
And it’s NEVER taught in formal education. (Probably on purpose.)
Damn shame, too.… READ MORE

The Internet has been mainstream for over 20 years now, right?
It was supposed to change the world.
So how come we’re not allrich and happy?
I’ve got the answer.
And it comes down to only one thing.
And I’m revealing that one thing here…
Wantto listen on an Android device?… READ MORE

What does Lamar Odom’s overdose in a whorehouse have to do with your business?
Everything, dear rookie. EVERYTHING.
In fact, if you DON’T understand what Lamar Odom’s overdose… or any other major new story… has to do with your business…
…you’re missing out on a LOT of money… and you better go here NOW…
Wantto listen on an Android device?… READ MORE

I’ve seen soooo many people build their businesses on “shifting sand.”
It sucks to have your whole business crumble after you invested your blood, sweat and tears (and all your money) in getting it going.… READ MORE

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