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You’ve got a completely liquid $20 million stashed away.
Making you around 8% interest a year.
So it’s producing an income of about $1.6 million a year.
How would you feel?
Got news for ya…
If you’re like most, you probably ain’t gonna feel how you THINK you’d feel.READ MORE

My grandpa used to recite a funny little poem.
I used to think he was getting senile.
Quite the contrary. That dude was sharp as a tack.
Now I realize why he kept repeating it. ’Cuz it was painfully obvious to everybody (except me) that I wasn’t getting it.READ MORE

I’m gonna say a word.
And I want you to tell me if it gets a laugh outta ya, OK?
A chuckle?
A snortle?
Maybe a snicker, perhaps?
Nut’n but crickets, right?
’Cuz it ain’t funny.READ MORE

Remember Zsa Zsa?
She was doing the Kardashian thang — being famous for being famous — DECADES before any of the Kardashian clan were even a teeny tiny twinkle of titillation in the testicles of their patriarch.… READ MORE

I totally caught this guest by surprise.
It was complete “ambush journalism” on my part.
And you’ll be amazed (and probably wealthier) when you hear his response.
Click here now to check out the “ambush journalism” episode of Off The Chain.… READ MORE

Wanna know who 50 Cent says is a fool?
People who want things in life fast and easy.
(Probably ’cuz the only things in life that come fast and easy are fear, heartache and Domino’s pizza.)
You, on the other hand, are no fool.… READ MORE

Picture this…
While in an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru… in addition to seeing aliens carry you to a paradise with leprechauns, Jesus and unicorns that shit multi-colored ice cream…
… you dream up an idea for a smartphone app.… READ MORE

Dreaming up an idea for a smartphone app…
…outsourcing all the work to some programming geek in India for a few hundred bucks…
…then sitting back as copious quantities of cashola are crammed into your corpulent coffers…
…and you become a CASH MILLIONAIRE.… READ MORE

Ever see those hypnotist stage acts?
The ones where they hypnotize people and have them do weird stuff……barking like dogs, strutting like chickens… getting spanked like monkeys?… READ MORE

My heart can be had for free… but my mind is only available for rent.
That’s why I only answer marketing questions from the knights in my Marketing Camelot. ’Cuz they pay me.
But every now and then it’s fun to answer other kinds of questions on my podcast.… READ MORE

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