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This week’s podcast is the audio of a live podcast I did via Livestream a few weeks back to celebrate the 75th episode of the show.
I basically took questions “on the spot.”
And during the entire 50+ minutes, not one of these donkeys could stump me.… READ MORE

Today’s podcast is part 2 of last week’s show about 12 ways to triple (and I think that is actually being moderate about it — I believe it can do much more than triple them) your sales.… READ MORE

This week’s podcast is the first of a two part series showing you 24 ways (this episode has the first 12) to triple (or more) your sales.… READ MORE


Today’s podcast is a “Q&A” episode, answering the questions of all the little people who listen to the show, always pestering me with their lowly questions, selfishly turning my 10-minute workday into a 12 or 13 minute workday.… READ MORE

This week’s righteous podcast contains a list of documentaries I believe can make anyone in business, marketing, copywriting, coaching, more persuasive. They can also help you get ideas your competition will never have.… READ MORE

Today’s podcast contains a new set of 7 Email Players rules.
Producer Jonathan and I talk about things like What the world’s greatest publicity marketer taught me about how the way the world really works… how to make yourself hard to leave in a relationship… you can’t cut off Superman’s bollocks and expect him to save the world… and the dorky elBenbo band marches on.… READ MORE

I just slapped up a brand new, shiny, “candy-like” podcast episode for your listening displeasure. It’s about how to “flip” being discontent into achieving whatever goals your greedy little heart desires.… READ MORE


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